Emily Scarlett Romain and the Lomo'Instant Wide

Emily Scarlett Romain is a London-based photographer whose portfolio reflects her love for seeing the world and spending time with her friends. She used the Lomo’Instant Wide to capture her latest escapades.

Hello, Emily! Welcome to the Lomography Magazine. Could you tell us a bit about yourself, please?

I’m a 29-year-old photographer living and working in London. I am inspired by and mainly shoot the people around me, adventures I have and trips I take. I take a camera with me everywhere I go, and I am obsessed with documenting the world as I see it.

How did you get into photography?

I first got into photography around 2005. I was 16 and spent summers going on adventures with my friends around the UK and Europe — never without a disposable camera. It was before everyone had cameras on their phones, so often I was the only one taking photos as we were experiencing all these events for the first time, and there was always an anticipation to see what we’d captured (that we may have otherwise forgotten) when I got the films developed. This excitement and anticipation is what got me addicted to photography, and it spiraled from there!

How was your experience shooting with the Lomo’Instant Wide?

I enjoyed the different controls you have on the Lomo’Instant Wide. The option to shoot multiple exposures and with colored flash is something that excites me, although I also like to just keep it simple sometimes, too. The option to set it to no flash was probably my favorite, as I’m a big fan of using natural light as much as possible.

What do you think is the appeal of instant photography these days?

Having something physical to hold — a one-off that can’t be replicated over and over in its original format. Using a camera like the Lomo’Instant Wide changes how people react to having their photo taken, too. They know it’s often going to be just the one image, so a lot more care and attention are given to it by the photographer and the subject. It’s exciting for everyone to watch it develop together and see a moment in time!

Any other plans for 2018?

I’m heading back to New York for the first time in a few years to visit friends and the places that I loved when I used to live there. I’m excited to be back on American soil — there’s something about it that inspires me unlike anywhere else.

To see more of Emily’s work, visit her website.

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