Fit for a Spy — 14k Gold Ring Camera


A camera fit for a stylish spy, this 14 karat gold ring camera looks like something out of a Hollywood movie. It has all the elements of a discreet spy camera — small, concealable, and useful. The enemy won't know you're secretly taking photographs because it's too flashy to even be thought of as an espionage tool.

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This interesting spy camera is being sold at eBay for 25,000 Canadian dollars (just a tad below the 20,000 USD mark.) It's a Russian KGB spy camera and it's totally one of a kind. Aside from its intricate mechanism, the subminiature spy camera shoots on 8mm film and can be operated with a squeeze of the fingers. The eBay listing states the camera comes in good condition — free from haze, fungus, scratches or the like. Well, who would want to damage something as unique and as valuable as that spy camera right?

Intricate engravings on the spy camera ring © hit-camera-ltd

It's easy to see how this gold spy camera could have served its purpose because it's difficult to imagine how a photographic device can be fit into a piece of jewelry, especially inside a gold ring. The camera body is filled with beautiful engraving and has a crown-shaped bezel that can steal away attention from its tiny lens and mechanism.

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Another amazing thing about this camera is that it has all the working parts of a regular camera. It has variable aperture, a shutter, and a film holder that lets the user shoot miniature images on 8mm film. Whoever made this camera surely knows their stuff when it comes to camera making. It would be nice to go deeper into the history of this spy camera but the identity of the maker is unknown. The only info that's available on the camera listing is that this particular collector's piece is from the collection of famous Japanese camera collector Mr. Shibata.

If you're interested and have change to spare, you may check out the listing on eBay.

Source: The Phoblographer

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