Monday Moodboard: Seeing Double


Mondays are entirely the worst, it's a consensus among the universe! You wake up from a splendid, carefree weekend to bring you back to the gritty weekday life. Sleep is the best friend you do not want to part from, but real life beckons you to get up and do your thing. And with heavy, semi-open eyes, you're seeing double. No, not the sort in which you see two of a kind, but two of different kinds. Sometimes your mind's still making these illusions up, like desired mirages.

For our Monday Moodboard, we designed some cool, layered exposures that illustrate your dreams and reality.

Credits: warning, adi_totp, clownshoes, geltona, satomi, fisher-price, blueskyandhardrock, jeabzz, katinkaja, hodachrome & fadjaradiputra

2018-05-14 #culture #double-exposure #monday-moodboard

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