7 Highly Effective Habits of a Lomographer


We've got the 10 Golden Rules, and yet a lot still ask, what does it take to be a Lomographer? It's more than just shooting from the hip, or going against the grain of conventional photography. We believe actions speak louder than words, so we've listed 7 habits and practices of a true blue Lomographer.

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Expect Happy Accidents

The Japanese has a term called "wabi-sabi", or the beauty of imperfection, and the concept befits Lomography so much! A huge part of being a Lomographer is the ability to embrace imperfections. Light leaks, blurs, accidental shots are encouraged. Don't throw away those 'badly'-taken shots, there's always beauty and a story behind each of them.

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Connect with Kindred Spirits

To be a Lomographer is not just to be a photographer of quirky and weird photos, it's also a lifestyle. The Lomographic community is a family of artistic rebels. Get in touch with fellow Lomographers – get yourself a LomoHome, get a heart-to-heart talk with your favorite LomoGuru, or take a LomoWalk! Making friends also mean sharing your inner world. Lomographers love to share their experiences and new discoveries, their successes, and mistakes as they experiment on the analogue grind. They print their works and tell the whole world through social media. Collaboration is another way of sharing. You can also share your work by swapping films with your closest friends.

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Know the Rules, But Break Them Anyway

We usually give out our 10 Golden Rules for those unfamiliar with Lomography, but even we think these rules are not absolute! Know the rules, but feel free to break them anyway. A Lomographer does not care what other people would think of his art and his work, he's confident enough to follow his natural instincts for visuals. The Lomographer dares to be different.

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Love the New: Love the Old Harder

A Lomographer is open to new things—trends, aesthetics, everything! The world is your oyster. However, a Lomographer is also a romanticist, unafraid to look back and reincarnate old lives of old cameras, and give new life to unwanted expired films.

Credits: ishifishy

Take Advantage of Toy Cameras

A Lomographer has at least one toy camera that he usually brings with him. You'll even see that the person is wearing quirky-looking toy cameras like the Diana and Holga around their necks. A true head-turner and brow-raiser, a Lomographer is.

Credits: liquidpapercut

Appreciate Daily Life

Photographers look for the grand and beautiful; Lomographers look for the simple and understated. The best moments in life happen in ordinary days through the simple things, and Lomographers just know how to make them beautiful.

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Experimenting Forever

Ahh, this is definitely one of the defining habits of a Lomographer. Apart from being an artist, he's also a scientist, daring to act upon his curiosity. What would it be like to dip a film roll in wine? They'll do it in a heartbeat! Lomographers are fearless. Not only are they so reckless and carefree with photography, they're also very enduring. Failure is part of their photography, part of their grind, part of their lives. After 100 unsatisfying film rolls burned, expect Lomographers to use a 100 more until they 'get' it.

Credits: simonesavo

2018-05-22 #culture #lomography

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