One Pack of Squares: Ten Shots, Ten Experiments

Experimenting with film photography is really exciting. There's nothing like that feeling of anticipation as you wait to see if you pulled off your creative idea. But sometimes, we simply can’t wait for the results, and that's when the Lomo'Instant Square Glass comes in handy. After all, the world's first analogue square-format instant camera does more than just capture your special moments in seconds, it also lets you flex your creative muscles. So, flip out your camera, load it with a pack of film, and try these ten tips!

Credits: troymemis

1. MX to the Max

By enabling the Multiple Exposure mode, you can craft your very own surrealist image. Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, with or without flash, doing double or multiple exposures is so easy and — if we may say so ourselves — incredibly satisfying!

Credits: lzyrich & birgitbuchart

2. Use a Color Filter

Color filters are used to adjust or correct any excessive color or light that falls on an image. Use a filter from the Lomo’Instant Square Filter Set however you like — there's seven different tones to choose from. Play with red, orange, and yellow color filters, light orange and light blue temperature filters, ND graduated filter, and star filter. See how LomoAmigo Analog Things uses the filters in this video.

Credits: a9384c83 & goonies

3. Slice and Dice

The Lomo'Instant Square Accessory Kit includes a Splitzer. Twist the blades and switch on the Multiple Exposure function for some Splitzer action. It yields best results when there's enough headroom above the subject, as illustrated by the photos below.

Credits: Karson Cheng

4. B-Mode Art

Time to take out the light painting tools and turn on the Lomo'Instant Square Glass Bulb Mode. We're big fans of this tip because the results will always be one-of-a-kind. Keep in mind that when you're on B Mode, you have 30 seconds to draw, paint, twirl, and dance with your light painting sticks.

Credits: pearlgirl77, troymemis & ale2000

5. Warm It Up

If you prefer honey-colored tones, wait for the Golden Hour to cast sunlight magic on your instants. This highly coveted time period for shooting great photos happens an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset, when the sun bathes everything in gold — perfect for rendering soft, flattering portraits. Alternatively, you can also use color gel filters included with Lomo'Instant Square Glass the to warm up your instants.

Credits: a9384c83 & -dakota-

6. Try a Different Format

Go beyond the square and shoot in the classic Mini format. You can find the Instax Mini Adapter in the Lomo'Instant Square Accessory Kit, which also includes a Splitzer and a 0.5m Portrait Glass Lens and Lens Case. After you've finished shooting a pack of Mini film and you want to switch to shooting Squares again, just remove the Mini Adapter and install the original Square attachment again — it's that simple!

Credits: anthonystone & francesco_dex_spiga

7. Widen Your Perspective

Pack all the details in one shot with the Wide-Angle Glass Lens Attachment, which expands your view to 91.5°. Try it when shooting portraits, selfies, and group shots and marvel at the super sharpness and clear details!

Credits: Riho Sasaki, Sunsern Poontavee

8. Shadows and Silhouettes

Square format isn't just for shooting headshots and portraits. Create abstract art by keeping an eye on shadows and silhouettes. Observe how these elements form unique designs and patterns, compose that shot, and click the shutter! This would make a good ongoing instant project, don't you think?

Credits: ale2000 & troymemis

9. Snap It Softly

The Lomo'Instant Square Glass takes really sharp photos, but don't shy away from a little softness, too. Setting your camera on Bulb Mode will soften your vision and add a dream-like quality to your instants.

Credits: bonadriel & pearlgirl77

10. Play with Textures

The square format is perfect for headshots. Give your portraits an extra bit of oomph by adding a textural detail. Here, a sheet of slightly wrinkled plastic does the trick. There are two ways to do it: play with the Multiple Exposure mode by shooting the texture first, followed by a portrait shot for the second exposure. Or you could simply put the plastic sheet in front of the lens and shoot away!

Credits: troymemis

We'd love to see your pack of squares taken with the Lomo'Instant Square Glass! Share your shots by uploading them to your LomoHome and tagging your album with #packofsquares so that we can see them more easily. Don't have an instant camera yet? Hop to our Online Shop or get yours from a nearby Gallery Store today!


Mentioned Product

Lomo'Instant Square Glass

Lomo'Instant Square Glass

The Lomo’Instant Square Glass is the first and only fully analogue instant camera on the planet Earth to produce Instax square pictures. It lets you capture the world in a powerful snapshot while the square frame paves the way for wacky compositions. With a 95mm glass lens (45mm equivalent) and an automatic mode that takes care of exposure, the Lomo’Instant Square makes shooting super sharp, perfectly exposed snaps easy.

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