Meet Chroma, The Modern Technical Field Camera

Remember Steve Lloyd and his Deco-inspired Olympus 35RC? Well, he's back with another project but this time he's going big. As in 4x5-technical-field-camera size big.

© Chroma Kickstarter campaign

Steve just recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund his new project, Chroma. It's a technical field camera that is made with new and durable materials and is completely modular so users can easily change parts for different creative applications. Imagine a traditional field camera, only made up of laser cut acrylic and can be customized on the fly to adapt to any shot. On top of that, the Chroma also folds down, making it more compact for easy stowage and carry.

© Chroma Kickstarter campaign

One of the main selling points of the Chroma is its ability to adjust settings without affecting other aspects of your shots as users would normally experience when shooting with older, more traditional field cameras. Chroma's system is able to independently adjust rise, fall, tilt, and do other camera movements, thus letting the user concentrate more on the image making process.

Steve Lloyd and the Chroma © Chroma Kickstarter campaign

It's really wonderful to see that passionate people are coming up with new film camera projects like the Chroma. The film photography community is lucky to have camera craftsmen like Steve who continue to inspire others through his creative work.

If you're interested in the Chroma, check out their website and Kickstarter campaign to learn more.

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