Shooting In Sun, Sand, and Sea with the Lomo LC-A+


Summertime will be swinging by before you know it, drumming up the excitement for sunny escapades with friends. Wherever summer takes you — by the sandy beach or the backyard pool — it's best to plan ahead so that all that’s left to do is to make happy memories with your gang. Surf through the good times with a classic point-and-shoot camera like the Lomo LC-A+ or Lomo LC-Wide.

Credits: michaelback

Make a Splash

Of course, taking your precious camera out into the elements can be a bit scary at times, as sand might scratch your lens and water (especially salt water) has the potential to corrode your camera. The KRAB tough red shell will shield your beloved LC-A or LC-Wide and even allow you to go as deep as 65 feet, so go ahead: make the wildest, biggest splash you can!

Credits: theprime & beni

MX Magic

Create fantastic multiple exposures by enabling the MX button. Take note to set your zone focus beforehand because you won't be able to change the setting once your camera is inside the case.

Credits: lawypop, z, carmengraphy & disdis

Swim Into Surrealism

Dabble in distortions and explore the depths of surrealism. Make mid-surface portraits by submerging your snapshot just enough to capture half of your photo in water. The result? An artsy image of the real world melting into underwater dreamland.

Credits: elindudut & dop

Pose and Shoot

Don't be shy — practice your best pose! Glide through the water by making long sweeps with your arms or dancing motions. When you're underwater, every movement becomes slower and more graceful so take advantage of the graceful gestures, ripples and bubbles your body makes.

Credits: michaelback, lomo-camkage & brianmilo

Artistic Blurs

Splashes of water, clouds of sand, and mirror-like reflections can transform a simple snapshot into an artistic image by producing dramatic blurs and painterly strokes. Don't think, just shoot and splash around! For the best results, use 35 mm film with an ISO of 200 to 400. Also, remember to wipe your KRAB clean after using it. When not in use, make sure to bundle up your KRAB and cameras in a soft blanket.

Credits: panelomo, michaelback, theprime, mephisto19, traaaart & sonjabean

Weather-proof your adventures with the Lomo LC-A+ KRAB Underwater Housing. Dive into our Online Shop or the nearest Gallery Store to pick up one for your Lomo LC-A+ or LC-Wide cameras. Oh, and don’t forget to share your photos by uploading them to your LomoHome!


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