A Trip to Old New York City


In the year of 1911, it would have been already more than a decade since the unification of the five boroughs—Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island—i to make up New York. New York also experienced the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, a disaster that took place in Greenwich Village, and this prompted the fire department to advance their operations, as well as the reaction code.

The population has already been highly diverse, especially in terms of race, religion, class, and ethnicity. Violence and hate between ethnicities were astoundingly are during this time, though local gangs controlled certain areas and beat up people who trespass the line. Through the years, New York continues to fascinate us, both past and present as this old film presents a portrait of the city.

Screenshots from the video.

The film was a travelogue created by Svenska Biografteatern, a Swedish film company known for its journal films and bioresearchers, and the film “New York 1911” was their own footage. Since the film survived, vlogger Guy Jones took up the task to create this 8-minute footage by slowing down the original as well as adding sounds. In this short film you'll be treated with an iconic opening and closing shots of the Statue of Liberty, street scenes from Battery Park, Bowery and Worth Streets, Broadway and the Grace Church, Fifth Avenue, Madison Avenue and the New York Harbor.

Watch the short film here.

Screenshots from the video.

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    The city of my fave band Au Revoir Simone hope could see their hometown gig in the future

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