What Camera Should I Bring? A Quick Guide

Choices can sometimes come with confusion. Don't be worried, it's natural to feel overwhelmed when you've got so many cameras to choose from. But that's a good problem, really since you already have options. All that's left to do is to understand what your gear does and know when to bring them with you. We made a quick guide so you have more time to spend on creating memories than choosing which camera to bring.

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Casual Events

These are the moments where you can just sit back, relax, and take your sweet time. No need to rush. Why should you, anyway? Photowalks, a night out with friends, strolls around the city — simple times that call for simple and straightforward options. It's all about being carefree and just enjoying yourself. Your camera should be light, simple, and fun — just like the photos you should be taking.

La Sardina

Now this is a camera you can have a lot of fun with. Its sardine can shape alone can be a conversation starter. Pair that with the wide array of designs and color choices and you're set for a wonderful day full of fun photographs. It takes 35mm film and has a wide-angle lens that can capture all the happy coincidences you'll find.

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Lomo'Instant Automat

Perfect for quick snapshots that you can see in seconds. Getting to see your prints develop right before your eyes is a magical analogue moment for us, Lomographers. The mystery unveils itself and you commit that scene into something you can hold and bring with you anywhere. The Lomo'Instant Automat lets you create photographs instinctively with its automatic exposure system. You have less stuff to worry about and more time to focus on your subject.

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Intimate Gatherings

For events that demand your attention, you need a camera that grants you more creative control. Trade in convenience for the satisfaction of knowing that what you're going to capture are some of your best photographs yet. After all, special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, important family events, and the like should be kept close to the heart.

Lubitel 166+

Manual controls, twin lens, and 120 film — the Lubitel has them all. Capture extraordinary moments with this recreation of the Russian twin-lens classic. You won't be simply taking photos, you'll be making them. Peer into the Lubitel's clear waist-level viewfinder to see your subject perfectly. Change settings like aperture size and shutter speed as needed, the Lubitel grants you all the control you need.

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Lomo LC-A+

Timeless moments call for a timeless camera. The Lomo LC-A+ is easily one of the most favorite cameras here in the community. It has been a witness to more special moments than you can ever imagine. Millions have loved it and you will too. It packs vibrant colors, great saturation, and premium glass optics in such a compact body. When you get old and look back at your photos, you'd be glad they were made with the LC-A+.

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When Adventure Waits

Some days are made for relaxation but this is not one of them. New cities and new experiences call for a camera that can keep up with the fast pace and you. Go outside of your comfort zone, live a little, enjoy the thrills that life has to offer and take photos as a reminder to always put your best foot forward.


Parties are made extra fun with a little help of the LC-Wide. Imagine yourself jiving to the music, having the time of your life with your best friends. You need something that can freeze moments when you want to. Its 17mm ultra-wide-angle Minigon-1 lens, automatic exposure settings, and quick focusing system will make sure you get the shot you need.

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Horizon Perfekt

Some views can't be contained in a single frame. The Horizon Perfekt exposes several frames of 35mm film to give you marvelous panoramic shots. Its unique lens mechanism sweeps the scene and makes capturing awe-inspiring panoramas easy. It also grants you total control over your shots with its adjustable aperture and shutter speed settings.

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There's a camera for every occasion and once you get acquainted with that idea, choosing what camera to bring will become second instinct. Moments are rare, live in them.

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