Monday Moodboard: A Colorful Mess


Sometimes we can't help but associate our Mondays to blandness. It's a black-and-white kind of day in which you wake up early, prepare for the morning, head off to school or work, do the grind, commute all the way home, then rest. That pretty much sums up our weekdays, and Mondays have always been dreaded for this. Try to paint your day as lively as you could — wear your favorite floral shirt, do a joyful skip on your long walks, listen to loud party music. This Monday Moodboard's about to bring out synesthesia from you.

Credits: nostalgina, iany_t, troch, hodachrome, lakandula, shawnlin, life_on_mars, roman_sekatsky, lostlittlekid, kylethefrench, tsingtao, novakmisi & moongrowl

2018-05-07 #culture #color #monday-moodboard

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