Phillip Reardon: An Exploration of Film and Fashion

Fashion photographer Phillip Reardon is a powerhouse in his field. Shooting for publications and media outlets such as Vogue Italia, America's Next Top Model, VMag, and Vice, Phillip's love for film photography still stands strong. We recently caught up with him and he told us all about his experience using our very own Lomography 400 Color Film.

Phillip Reardon

What do you like most about shooting film?

The art/challenge, all around slower pace, and that unbeatable look film has that digital somehow can't 100% replicate still. The nerves of dropping that film off and wondering "Did i set my asa at the right speed, will I even get any images back?"

Phillip Reardon

What qualities do you think film has that digital photography doesn't?

Gorgeous dynamic range and a cleaner highlight.

Phillip Reardon

Who or what influences your work?

Life around me, the deserts of Las Vegas and Palm Springs just get me reved up to shoot.

Phillip Reardon

Why do you think there's a resurgence of film photographers and more attention driven towards analogue media?

I think as digital grows and becomes an "easier" medium, people want to separate themselves from the "noobs" and show they're authentic. Look how trendy trying to emulate film stock has become in digital. Plus I think anytime we start to see something begin to disappear, everyone wants to try it a little before its no more.

Phillip Reardon

What do you like most about Lomography film? What do you find attracts you to a certain film over another?

I first found the Cinestill 200/400 Tungsten film (more brands need to facilitate more film like this) and loved it... I have just found the different creative films unique and enjoyable.

Phillip Reardon

What's your go-to camera and film?

Nikon F4 and Lomography color 400 or Kodak Portra 400, it really depends on what I'm aiming for. Also polaroid 600se with Fujifilm FP100 (I hope someone eventually makes a new version of that as its getting rarer and harder to find).

Phillip Reardon

What advice do you bring to the table reagrding working with analogue in a digital world?

Learn to trust your light meters! Run a roll at EV +0, +1/3, +2/3, +1 and see how your camera and film captures, and then live by it!

You can find more of Phillip's work on instagram

Models featured: Jeana Turner, kailiasa, Colleen Heidemann, and Maggie Keating

written by sarahlindsayk on 2018-06-11 #people

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