Make Huge Savings on Pinhole Cameras

This year, we’re showing our love for lens-less photography with a ton of fantastic deals. Save a massive 50 PERCENT on the Diana Multi-Pinhole Operator, and get 25 PERCENT off every other pinhole in our collection of creative cameras!

With the Diana Multi-Pinhole Operator, you can expose up to three pinhole shots on the one frame of 120 film. Use the color gel filters included to create some seriously psychedelic effects like this!

Credits: rie, bccbarbosa, tsingtao & dfred

Why not give large format a try with the HARMAN TiTAN Pinhole Camera? It comes with an interchangeable 72 mm wide-angle cone, and features built-in spirit levels, and accessory mount. Here's a few of our favorite shots taken with the HARMAN TiTAN Pinhole Camera from the Community!

Credits: ricoinbrooklyn

Make sure you snap up these amazing pinhole deals before they expire on 04.05.18, and don’t forget to enter our exciting pinhole competition! You'll find tons more pinhole inspiration on our Magazine. Be brave and kick it back to the origins of photography. With no lens to hold you back, who knows what you’ll discover.

Happy World Pinhole Day Everybody!

Credits: endowaty

2018-04-29 #videos

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