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Self-portraits. We see them everywhere — they've become the new norm when travelling, hanging out at a party, or simply documenting a nice outfit or a good hair day. But sometimes, no matter how good looking you are, you could do with a few tricks up your sleeve to make sure your self-portrait stands out from the sea of selfies out there. We compiled a few easy ideas to try with your Lomo LC-A+.

Credits: disasterarea

Mirror Image

Let's start off with the most popular: the mirror self-portrait. It's easy. Simply stand an arm's length away from the mirror, study your best angle, and set your Lomo LC-A+ to 0.8 (adjust the distance if you're shooting half body or full body) and snap a photo! For something a little more fun, why not involve a variety of different mirrors? Look for reflective shop windows, intricate designs, odd shapes, or mirrors that’ve been mounted at an unusual angle.

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Document Your Habits

‘’What’s interesting about pictures depicting beauty rituals?’’ we hear you cry.Well, it makes your selfie more authentic. Why not start a project to keep track of your daily habits? Set a time each day or night when you're doing your usual routine (brushing your teeth, having lunch at your desk, or afternoon coffee), and start taking snapshots. Later, you could compile the prints into a scrapbook and remember all the little things about your curious habitual activities.

Credits: bunnyears, vtayeh & dogma

Buddy Up

Selfies looking a little lonely? Whether you're traveling with a pal or on a day trip with a loved one, you can share the same 35mm frame in all sorts of different ways. Here’s how to do a film swap for cool double-exposures.

Credits: anarchy & orangebird

Keep the Lights On

Neon lights, fairy lights, glow sticks, and flashes with color gel filters can do wonders to your selfies! Use lighting to your creative advantage with long exposures, or play around with a flash and frame yourself in dramatic lighting. The Lomo LC-A+‘s punchy Minitar-1 lens yields deep saturation and contrast, so experiment with colorful lights to take advantage of this LC-A+ superpower!

Credits: reneg88 & abcdefuck

Feel like you’ve got a winning LC-A smile? Upload your selfies onto your Lomohome! Haven’t got a piece of the Lomo legacy yourself yet? Until 11.05.18 we’re giving away a Lomography Ringflash and tons of stationery for free with every Lomo LC-A Camera — including our brand new 25th Anniversary Special Editions! Fill frames with the punchy saturation and moody vignetting of the definitive Lomo look, and add an extra kick of color with your free Ringflash — worth up to 65.00EUR/USD. Pick up your very own Lomo LC-A+ in our Online Shop or a Gallery Store near you today!

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