Singaporean Lomographer Effy and the LC-A+

Singaporean Lomographer Effy, known in the Lomography community as @dumbfuct, had a quick chat with Lomography Asia about the trusty Lomo LC-A+ and shares some insights into what it's like being a Lomographer in Singapore.

Credits: @dumbfuct

Can you share the story of how you became a Lomographer?

I have always been fascinated with film cameras while I was growing up when I saw my dad and brother got into photography with their film cameras. I was gifted with a disposable camera when I was younger and has been interested ever since in the analogue aspect. However, the first film camera that I actually got was a Blackbird, Fly - it was a gift from my brother for my first ever solo travel. I guess ever since then, the interest further developed, and Lomography was the only way to go.

Credits: @dumbfuct

What's it like being a Lomographer in your home country?

Being a Lomographer in my country means capturing my everyday view and turning it into something fascinating to look at. My country is just a small red dot on the world map. People here constantly find things mundane. The Lomography community might be small in my country or perhaps a little dead, but it's still a community. If there are any Singaporean Lomographers, give me a holler!

Any favorite photos? Why are they your faves?

All photos in this article are taken from my previous different travels, with different cameras, but mostly with Lomo LC-A+, my trusted camera. I've tried different cameras, from Blackbird Fly to Konstruktor to Diana F+, but none has captured a place in my heart like the LC-A+. It's my go-to camera now and has lugged it around for all my travels for its size and limitless creative capabilities.

I have a lot of favorite photos and it's just difficult to choose, but these two photos have definitely been my recent faves! The colours being that way kind of bring out the essence of the photos. A sense of happiness engulfed me whenever I looked at these 2 photos. In short, I definitely love how these turned out!

Credits: @dumbfuct

Any tips about using the LC-A+?

If anyone is using LC-A+, I say, don't be afraid to experiment the thousands of ways to actually shoot a subject with it! Always create. Always pack your films and LC-A+ to capture just about anything, be it candid or street photography. Its capability is endless, so explore! And lastly, don't forget to have fun while in the process of shooting and experimenting with your camera.

Credits: @dumbfuct

Anything you want to say to Lomographers out there?

To other Lomographers out there, keep the film culture alive!

Check out Effy's film photos thru the LomoHome @dumbfuct and Lomo On!

written by crissyrobles on 2019-04-03

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