Summer and the Lomo'Instant Square: Singapore's Lyn Averson

Singaporean photographer Lyn Averson is our newest Lomo Amigo from Asia! Taking the Lomo'Instant Square to her work appointments and personal activities, Lyn shares her instant snaps taken under the summer sun.

In this interview, she gad a quick chat with us about the Lomo'Instant Square experience and allowed a glimpse into her story as a photographer.

© Lyn Averson

Please introduce yourself to the Lomography Online Magazine.

Hi, My name is Lyn, I’m a fashion photographer born and raised in Singapore. I also co-own a Photography Studio in singapore - Mount Studio.

What is your origin story as a photographer?

I didn’t plan to be a photographer. I started out dabbling in art classes when I really young then digital drawings when I was a teen. I started getting interested into photography when I was 15, and bought a dslr on my sixteen birthday. I haven’t looked back since then!

© Lyn Averson

Do you have a special ritual or routine that you follow when you shoot?

Not particularly, but I like plan with mood boards before hand and make sure everyone has an idea of the same page that we are on and take it from there. Nothing is set in stone and I am open to creative input from the team as well.

How do you develop your eye as a photographer? Any tips?

When I started out, my mentor made me research all the great photographers’ work and study them and their style. I think by looking at good work is a start, everyone's tastes and perspective of beauty is different. From looking, you can start to get an idea of what are some of the styles you vibe towards and the ones you don’t.

© Lyn Averson

What is your concept/topic for the shoot?

I mainly wanted to try out the Lomo'Instant Square on my fashion shoots, as well as play around with it outside of work, so landscapes of Singapore and people.

Please tell us more about your experience with the Lomo'Instant Square camera. Any notable experiences?

I loved that it was foldable and compact, it was easy to carry around. The square film reminds me of the older polaroid films which I love. I think my favourite moments with the camera is when you thought you missed a shot but the shot comes out way better than you had imagined. A lot of the fun comes from experimenting with it.

© Lyn Averson

Get acquainted with more of Lyn's work by visiting her Instagram, personal website, and work website.

written by crissyrobles on 2018-05-12 #gear #people

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