Maternity Bissaya Barreto


34 years ago I was born here. Now my nephew was born. Maternity Bissaya Baker was inaugurated April 28, 1964. This institution was intended always to provide care to the mother and ensure the monitoring and development of children.

For the rest of the parents maternity has safety straps that are placed in the newly born. To promote exclusive breastfeeding until six months maternity Bissaya Barreto was considered “the Baby Friendly Hospital”.

Maternity has the following services:

-Center Prenatal Diagnosis

-Early Intervention Unit

Here are hospitalized newborns who need care, so they can be assisted with their mothers to avoid mother-child separation with a capacity of 49 berths and two pediatricians responsible for heeding daily.

-Intensive care unit
with a capacity of 12 beds (cots and incubators), receives the newly born sick and premature (less than 34 weeks gestation and weighing less 1800g). Has a team of doctors and nurses trained and devoted to this area.

-Delivery room
A pediatrician is always present at every birth, develops the clinical history in anticipation of the need for resuscitation and provides primary care to the newborn.

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    magic colors!

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    nice location. a very different place to take photos. well done!

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    Great location!!! Que bébé mais lindo :DDDDDD

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    wow! mt giro o artigo! (e original!! jamais me teria passado pela cabeça escrever uma lomolocation na Bissaya Barreto :D)

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