The Art of the Supersampler

It's simple, straightforward, and super fun. With one easy pull of the ripcord, the Supersampler takes four sequential shots in one photo. It's a cool camera for anyone and everyone of all ages!

Credits: rjk_89

The Supersampler doesn't require batteries and has no flash, so make sure you're shooting in bright sunlight. It's lightweight, fits in the palm of your hand, and it’s very low-maintenance, making it your perfect partner for action-packed adventures. This four-lensed camera has no viewfinder so just aim the camera at your subject, pull the cord, and voila! You’ve just taken a picture! Exciting, isn't it? There are two speeds available - Slow (4 photos in 2 seconds = .50sec/photo) or Fast (4 photos in 0.2 seconds = .05sec/photo).

Credits: saidseni, japsix, maneke, panelomo, henc & tomkiddo

So how do you master the art of the Supersampler? It's quite easy, really. Ask your subject to stay still and then do one swift move as you pull on the ripcord. You'll get the best results when your subject is in motion! Try to jump, swing your arm, shake your hip or pull a series of facial expressions.

Credits: little_porcelain, laiba, bloomchen & kingnate

Because it's a sun-loving camera, using cross-processed slide film will produce the deepest saturation and ultra-vivid colors. Of course, you can use Color Negative, Redscale, and even Black and White too.

Credits: jbleick, steamyandor, akabee & juliashropshire

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