Easy Ideas for Awesome Diana F+ Portraits


With over 200 different shooting possibilites, it's no secret that the Diana F+ is a creative multitasker. Aside from its classic square format, you can use it with a variety of lenses and accessories to make your shots ever edgier. But, if you're feeling a little crafty and you’d like to dip your toes in some more tumultuous tipster waters, we put together some easy tips to get you started. Let's have some fun with the Diana F+, shall we?

Layer with Textures

Shooting double-exposures with the Diana F+ is super easy — just remember not to advance the film after each shot! Natural textures like trees, flower fields, or clusters of clouds will instantly add an artistic touch to your square portraits.

Credits: minilidia, cpolpa & janez

Mask It

Create your very own mask to completely alter the color of your photos. This technique by Community member buckshot teaches you how to make one with unused color gel filters. You can also alter this tip by cutting sheets of acetate to fit your Diana F+ mask and then draw on them using colored markers.

Credits: edithnine, buckshot & lawypop

Plastic Distortions

Here's another fuss-free technique for distorted Diana F+ shots. A simple sheet of plastic can transform your squares into surreal shots. This popular tipster by shoujoai gives a feeling of being underwater.

Or if you’re feeling a little wackier, follow in the footsteps of Community member mephisto19 and stretch a piece of plastic in front of your face to achieve strange distortions!

Credits: mephisto19

Have you ever tried these tips or have some techniques that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below! If you still don’t have the Diana F+, you can get it from our Online Shop or a Gallery Store near you!

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  1. jm60
    jm60 ·

    These techniques are not just limited to the Diana, they will work with other cameras as well. With other cameras, you can attach something virtually clear like a UV or skylight filter and then smear some Vaseline (petroleum jelly) on it to create various effects. Not suggested for use on plastic lenses though.

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