Unleash Your Inner Creativity with the Lomo LC-A+


When was the last time you felt carefree and easy? Shake off the stress and let the Lomo LC-A+ get creative with you! While we've always championed this iconic camera as a great choice for everyday street snaps and travel shoots, it is also very reliable when you're indoors and shooting without a flash. Don't think, just shoot! Enjoy your creative day indoors.

Credits: pith

Be Natural

Go for natural lighting. Make a nice cup of tea, curl up with a good book, or just idly daydream — before you know it, it's the golden hour. Take advantage of the fleeting, soft glow after sunrise or just before sunset and capture your world in flattering light, framed with the shadowy vignetting the Lomo LC-A+ is famous for.

Credits: 2y2son4 & opon21

Notice the Little Details

At home, it's easy to overlook interesting things because we've become used to seeing it often. Well, let's try to change that! Get a fresh eye on unique details or patterns and use the Lomo LC-A+ legendary Minitar-1 lens to yield vivid colors and deep saturation.

Credits: frauspatzi & philipcs

Get Comfortable

A small camera that fits in your hand is ideal for cozy, intimate snapshots. Even in the most relaxed moods and situations, the Lomo LC-A+ will be a the perfect creative partner for your new visual diary.

Credits: bccbarbosa, umi, northwardnimbus, alko & svenevs

Strike a Selfie Pose

Time for a good ol' self-portrait. Discover your best angle, take a deep breath, and press that shutter. Mirror self-portraits with the Lomo LC-A+ are particularly popular with our Community members. Stand an arm’s length away from the mirror and set the distance at 0.8 for a no-fail selfie.

Credits: babybuffalo, reneg88, pattyequalsawesome & takezzo

Try a Tipster

Just because you're staying in doesn't mean your creative options are limited. Experiment with MX mode and shoot double exposures. Mix it up with an outdoor shot for contrast, or attach a Splitzer for sliced-and-diced results like these.

Credits: sobetion, jeansman & fotoglove

Share your favorite Lomo LC-A+ photos with the Lomography Community by uploading your shots to your LomoHome. Still don’t have an LC-A+? Gets yours from our Online Shop or a Gallery Store near you.

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