Practicing Half-Frame Photography Compositions


Here's a fresh challenge for you to take: try using a half-frame camera! See, with half-frame cameras, your usual 35mm film frames get sized down by a half to create default portrait images with the size of 24x18mm. This means that for every roll of 24 exposures, you'll get 48 half-frames, and 36 with 72 half-frames.

Don't have any half-frame cameras? The Diana Mini and Lomo LC-Wide have those options ready for your usage. Here are some half-frame ideas you can use for your next photography project.

Polar Opposites

Day and night, darkness and light—with the half-frame format, projecting contradictions and differences become more emphasized. Use color gels to make different auras of each half-frame or find opposite themes.

Credits: louwest, nation_of_pomation, lostlittlekid & quaisoir

The Big Picture

Create a two-photo collage with haff-frames. This is a pretty tricky type of photograph to make, but it's a great way to test your geometry and symmetry skills.

Credits: oleman, arthursoptic & superlighter

Mirror, Mirror

Create a reflection of your primary subject by shooting it once more—only this time, you'll want to switch the orientation of your camera to the other side.

Credits: superlighter & uso

Double Portraits

Here's an easy but classic composition! Remember those photobooth portraits Andy Warhol made? You can make your miniature version with a half-frame camera.

Credits: giovannidecarlo, maximum_b & fuzztone04

Before and After

This is how you can tell a simple yet clever story through photography: document what happens then and now. Compose a before-and-after shot that will make a sequence of events.

Credits: twizzer88 & dannyedwards

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