Monday Moodboard: A Healthy Dose of Positivity


There’s no better medicine for the blues than a simple dose of positivity in your life, and surrounding yourself with the good things is a habit you should have. Practicing self-love, making goals, mediation, having gratitude for life and simply having fun as you stride along the days will help you get through anything—Monday or not. Away with negativity and pessimism, as we present you our very upbeat Monday Moodboard!

Credits: yoscolmi, crismiranda, _smg_, dabai, neja, manon-vacher, ryszardl70, xdavil2, i_am_four-eyes, eva_eva, buckshot, simonas, dreadlockboy, freckleface, dida, ohoska & blueskyandhardrock

2018-04-23 #culture #monday-moodboard #positive-vibes

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