Filmmaking with the LomoKino: How to Get Started


For those who've professed their love and loyalty for the analogue medium, it's high time to try out your filmmaking skills with a vintage touch. Emulate the antique style of cinema pioneers and film experimentalists with the analogue video-making camera, the LomoKino.

Credits: lostlittlekid

Experimental Moving Images

Not every work of art has to have a concrete concept. Film can also be a medium to express the subtleties in life, and the LomoKino is the perfect medium to unleash those crazy ideas and the unthinkable compositions. Turkish avant-garde filmmaker Muge Yildiz's abstract film created for the song “Junges Liebespaar” by Lima-based ambient musician Unsichtbar. uses the LomoKino to visualize the themes and aura of youth and self-discovery being felt from the song.

Pouring in the Analogue Monologues

Got something you want to get rid off of your chest? Channel those raw thoughts and feelings through your own personal film. Auteurs make films for themselves and their own visions, and it's exactly what director Thomas Bernardin did when he filmed “Embers” with the LomoKino create a similarly tightly-knit analogue film, we recommend using a tripod and the Lomography Smartphone Scanner for easy post-processing and digitalisation. You can also try shooting with the Earl Grey B&W 100 to add drama in your visual poetry.

Recording Daily Life

Here's a secret among filmmakers: you don't need an intricate plot to create a beautiful film. Less is more: the simple things in life can be your muse. Take for example, Bear Brown's “Beans” : a simple documentary that follows a boy at a park snacking on a can of beans. Pair the LomoKino with the favorite Lomography Color Negative 400 to create an authentic analogue look under natural light.

Life is Like a Music Video!

Did you now that you can create 144 frames in one roll of 35mm film with the LomoKino simple montages with the LomoKino and mimickold footage reminiscent of vintage film archives. LomoKino artist Mauro Maiani dedicated six of his 35mm rolls to create a 4-minute music video of the Parisian streetscape. Bring the LomoKinoscope along with you too so you can check your film right after the rolls have been developed.

Become a Lomographic auteur with the LomoKino, avaialble at the Online Shop and Gallery Stores worldwide.

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    the LomoKino is one of my favorite Lomography cameras in history :)

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