Double Feature - New Film from Dubble and Color Film Guide by I Still Shoot Film

We're all for the love of film photography here in Lomography but you probably knew that already. That's why we're excited to share the good news with you — two new films and a quick film guide are now available courtesy of Dubble and I Still Shoot Film.

Monsoon and Bubble gum by Dubble and KONO!

Dubble, a mobile app that lets you do doubles with fellow photography nuts has partnered with KONO! to release two new 35 mm films as a follow up to their current line. The experimental films come in 24-shot rolls and are pre-exposed using a unique process that features both digital and analogue techniques. The Monsoon edition adds fresh tones to your photographs while the Bubblegum edition gives your images colorful hues and sweet notes. Both films are made and packaged by hand and can be developed in C-41.

Monsoon sample shots © KONO!
Bubblegum sample shots © KONO!

The partnership between Dubble and KONO! is like a match made in heaven. Both companies share a passionate love for film photography and their product lineup just gets more exciting with every release.

Color Film Guide 2018 © I Still Shoot Film

I Still Shoot Film (ISSF) also released a new book that features the latest color films in 2018. It's a nifty guide that lets users in on the different types of color negative films that are currently available in the market, what effects they offer, and their respective reviews. ISSF writer Milosz Siebert also walks users through these different films and their specific applications. Quite a handy book to have, we must say!

Film is definitely getting back on track and these releases are sound proof. It's nice to see that passionate companies are getting behind the film movement to give analogue lovers good reasons to get out there and shoot more.

All information used in this article are sourced from Dubble.
KONO!, and I Still Shoot Film.

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