Lomo'Instant White customized by Singaporean Artist Marina A


The signature psychedelic and serpentine art of Singaporean visual artist Marina A is now on 2 Lomo'Instant cameras.

L-R: Marina A Self-Portait; Customized Lomo'Instant Black and White

Please introduce yourself to the Lomography Community.

Speaking about myself in the third person: Marina A is a Singapore based illustrator experienced in many different artistic mediums. Marina works predominantly in the medium of painting but includes digital art, graphic design, motion graphics and installations in her repertoire. As a hobby, she has a keen interest in experimental photography.

What is your origin story as an artist?

I’ve been doing art since I was really young but I only took into serious consideration as a career when I was around 18 years old and set into being a freelance artist when I was 20. I guess doing art helps me relief myself from social pressure and other issues. Recently, I’ve been working with Singaporean band, M1LDL1FE for their design branding/album artworks and other various bands for music videos.

Know more about Marina A through her Instagram

Can you tell us more about your art style and your vision as an artist?

I’ve had cosmic surrealism, rebellious, eccentric but I just love contrast and colour. I never had the intention to be rebellious or anything. Haha, Drawing and painting is a cathartic release for me. Of which, it produces the colour and composition of my artworks naturally. Most of it is heavily inspired by my personal life stories, my friends and sometimes, worldly issues. I guess you could say that I’m all about the negative vibe gone right haha.

I draw a lot of Snakes/Serpents as they are universal symbols represented all around the world. I like how it carries both positive and negative interpretation that allows my painting to hold various meaning to different people. Example, Serpent Series was heavily inspired by the process of breaking up from a toxic relationship. It tells a story and the process of breaking, healing and finally feeling empowered to move on from anything negative.

I also like the macro and micro relation between females and serpents that have long been present both in mythology and reality. Currently, I’m into the cosmic digital age of translaticism. I can’t force myself to do art all the time. It has to have a meaning, a story. Only then I can put it out there for others to enjoy and appreciate. In the long run, I hope that people can relate closely to my experiences and empower themselves through my art.

Know more about Marina A through her Instagram

What's it like being an artist in Singapore?

The city is inspiring but not for my kind of art. I still feel that there’s room for growth in the Art community here.

What is your first impression on the Lomo'Instant?

I’ve been doing double exposure and experiments with the mini Diana and my other analog cameras and to know that I can do everything within one camera, I am more than thrilled. This Lomo’Instant is god-sent haha.

Tell us more about how you designed the Lomo'Instant. How did you conceptualize? What did you use to decorate the cameras?

I love recording memories, I get moved by the littlest experience around me and to capture part of the detail of that memory feels very pure. I wanted my design to portray a timeline (the body of a snake) of memories that’s timeless and that the past, present and future will constantly be in a ‘loop’ that makes you, you.

I also used acrylic paint and a semi-gloss varnish over the paintings on the Lomo'Instant.

Any upcoming/ongoing projects you would like to tell the community about?

I’m working with Mark Redito (Spazzkid), a producer based in LA, California for his upcoming Single artwork. Hmmm ... and a couple of other art projects but nothing is concrete yet so we’ll have to wait and see.

Know more about Marina A through her Instagram

written by crissyrobles on 2018-05-08 #news

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  1. hervinsyah
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    remind me of Mufti Amenk Prianka's artwork but he's far from serious and local content laughable

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