The Lomographic Aesthetic with Expired 120 Film

Running out of new emulsions to play with? One known secret among analogue photographers is that no unused film, whether fresh or expired, is useless. In fact, expired films often help to bring out the Lomographic aesthetic we’ve all come to know and love. Load up on your favorite medium format camera with some old Lomography Redscale 100, the XPro Slide 200 or the Earl Grey 100 and get started crafting stunning vignettes and punchy color contrasts like this!

Credits: klive0420

Shoot Spontaneous Color Shifts

Did you know that redscale films are capable of color shifting depending on the emulsion's sensitivity? Whenever you go lower in ISO, the cooler the photograph’s temperature becomes. Push the film to a higher ISO, the photograph’s colors will be warmer. Shooting an expired Redscale 100 (120) results in red-toned images but with varying moods and shifts which disregard the original light sensitivity.

Credits: jaybees80, nural & iblissss

Craft Extreme Vignettes

Vignetting is a famous style among Lomographers, and while it can be achieved during post processing edits, the most authentic way to achieve vivid vignettes is to use old X-Pro slide film: The emulsion will react well to strong lighting and create dramatic color contrasts between the subject and the vignette frame. We recommend pairing an expired X-Pro Slide 200 (120) with the Diana F+ camera to emphasize moody, atmospheric frames that surround your color saturated subject.

Credits: klive0420 & bnjmn

Play Around with Various Textures

Ever wanted to mimic the style of aged black and white movies like “A Trip to the Moon”? Simply load an outdated roll of the Earl Grey B&W 100 (120) into your medium format camera and shoot! Once you develop your strips, you'll be rewarded with some brilliant artistic effects like grain, white noise, and other patterns and textures which will give your shots a brilliantly vintage mood.

Credits: alexintheskywithdiamonds & joshua67

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