Newcomer of the Week: Martin Treml (@treml)


Martin Treml (@treml) prefers to share his view of the world in clean, black and white photographs. Sometimes, it's all about the wild colors and hazy blurs. One thing remains constant in his moody, evocative images—it's all about capturing the mood of the moment.

Martin Treml aka @treml

Name: Martin Treml
LomoHome: @treml
Location: Düsseldorf, Germany

Please tell us something about yourself and what you do.

Photography is a fun hobby for me. Over the last years I've connected with so many people via photography. I shoot analog film, Polaroids and Instax as well as other alternative photo processes like wet-plate and ambrotype. I would love to spend more time with analogue print-making processes to get my negatives on traditional analog photo paper, but so many ideas, so little time.

How did you find the Community and who/what convinced you to join?

I was following the Lomography account on Tumblr for quite a while and at first I was not aware that this is also a photo community. I liked the images that people shared on this platform so I decided to join. It seems that this Community is still quite different from the other bigger photo communities. Less technical, more focused on photo experiments and interesting images.

As you have read the 10 Golden Rules of Lomography, what rule do you apply in your everyday life?

Don’t worry about any rules. There are already enough rules in my non-photographic life.

In this digital age, why still film?

For some years I’ve shot digital and in 2008 more or less overnight I switched back to 100% analog. It is the whole slow, analogue process which starts when loading the film into the camera up to waiting for the wet negatives to dry. All those steps and the waiting in between makes the photographic experience more interesting. For me analogue negatives and pictures have a different aesthetic look compared with today's flawless, high-resolution digital images. Even though at the end I scan all my negatives and “make them digital” to easily share them online or quickly search for an image in my digital catalog.

Your favorite analogue camera as of the moment? Why?

For 35mm, the Nikon F5 is my workhorse since many years. For Instax, for sure it is the Lomo'Instant Wide. For 120 film, I’m still looking for a perfect match.

What is the Lomography camera you’d want to have someday?

It’s not a camera, it’s the “Belair Instant Back” I’m looking for. I would like to adapt this to one of my other instant cameras but it seems that the Belair Instant back is quite hard to find or not produced anymore.

Any song, book, or movie you live by?


Share your current favorite Lomograph, could be yours or a friend’s. Why?

I don't have just one favorite picture. Sometimes I like double exposures, sometimes blurry images, sometimes an Instax with vivid colors and sometimes a simple monochrome portrait, depending on my current mood.

Any Community member you look up to? If so, why him or her?

My favorite community members are the once that I’m following. But I assume there are still many more profiles to discover from creative creators.

What are you looking forward to in our Community?

I see this as a platform to find new ideas, new inspirations and to present some of my pictures. Looking forward to discover talented photo artists andportfolios that show the diversity of photography.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, Martin. Welcome to the Lomography Community and we're looking forward to seeing more of your work!

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