World Pinhole Day Special: Lens-less and Loving It

It's time to twist your lenses off for a bit of good ol' fashioned pinhole photography — today is World Pinhole Day, after all! “But, what is pinhole photography”, we hear you ask. Put simply, it's lens-less photography. Imagine a light-proof box with one tiny hole at one end and photographic paper at the opposite end. When light passes through the pinhole, it creates an image on film or photographic paper. Pinhole cameras require long exposures, resulting in photos emitting a soft-focus effect and motion blur.

Making a pinhole camera is fun because you can use practically anything to make one. Over the years, Lomographers have been known to use matchboxes, an egg, and even a roast duck! Now you're even more curious, huh? We compiled some of our fun tipsters and interviews with pinhole gurus to inspire you!

A photo taken with the Diana Multi-Pinhole Operator by mephisto19

Justin Quinnell, The Pinhole Wizard

When it comes to experimental pinhole photography, Justin Quinnell is a true master. Among his projects are the Smileycam (the world's first in-the-mouth pinhole camera) and a pinhole camera which exposed for six whole months! Get to know more about him in this interview.

Credits: Justin Quinnell

PIMhole Tutorial: Make Your Own DIY Pinhole Camera

Part of the fun that goes into pinhole photography is making your very own camera using commonly available household items. Here, crafty Lomographer Pretti in Mad who loves making handmade projects, shares a detailed guide on how to craft a pinhole camera out of a simple juice box. This would make a fun activity to do with friends, so mark off a weekend and may the coolest pinhole cam win! Here are the instructions.

Credits: pretty_in_mad

Playing with Pinholes: Make Your Own Instant Pinhole

For a Lomographic touch, Community member sidsel decided to get crafty with a Diana Instant Back+. This tipster shows you how to fashion an instant pinhole camera using an Instant Back accessory, a box, and other easily available tools. Make sure that you have a pack of Fuji Instax Mini film so that you can test your instant pinhole camera! Check out the tutorial here.

Credits: sidsel

The Pinhegg – My Journey to Build An Egg Pinhole Camera

And now, something fun and challenging for advanced pinholers: creating a pinhole camera out of an egg. Yep, you heard right! As always, you need some simple tools to construct this, but our Community member francescco also suggest that you also keep stubbornness, patience, and more patience close at hand. Ok, are you ready to roll? Crack the tipster now!

Credits: francescco

Martin Cheung - An Interview With The Pinhole Prodigy

Another pinhole master that you should know about is Martin Cheung, whose passion for pinhole photography led him into making a camera out of a roast duck...see, you can really make a pinhole camera out of anything — we weren’t lying! Learn more about him and his creative process in this interview.

Credits: Martin Cheung

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