Looking Back on Nancy Rexroth's Diana Photobook, “Iowa”


Originally published in 1977, Iowa gives an insight into the first steps of Nancy Rexroth's photography with the Diana. In 2017, the book received twenty additional non-published shots, along with an interesting introduction written by Alec Soth.

Photo by Nancy Rexroth

Nancy manipulates the features offered by the Diana, emphasising vignetting and blurring. When it came to the development process, Nancy decided to make a selection of photos even more blurry by making them overlap and layer on top of each other. The results reinforce the nostalgia that is already presented through the subjects within the photos: a rural environment, active youth and meditative elderly.

Photos by Nancy Rexroth

Nancy's oeuvre represents the memories of a past youth that has been spent visiting family in Iowa. These square formats remind us of the instantaneous character of a shot taken on the spot during holidays. The will to make eternal these shadows of her grand-parents, or the simple gatherings amongst relatives. Rather than illustrating Iowa in a typical, geographic way, Nancy's presents the spirit in which she found herself during these trips to the countryside.

Photos by Nancy Rexroth

_ “I hope that readers of IOWA will acknowledge the book's influence and importance. Perhaps they will consider the technical role of her use of the Diana camera or the relationship of her work to that of more celebrated artists like Francesca Woodman and Sally Mann. But when I think of of this fantastic book, my first response is more emotional than intellectual. For me IOWA is a state of mind.” —Alec Soth for Charcoal Book Club.

Photos by Nancy Rexroth

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