LomoAmigos Lucius at Electric Lady Studios NYC

We are happy to welcome Lucius to our LomoAmigo Family. The LA-based band came back to their old hometown New York last week for an exclusive gig and live recording at the world-famous Electric Lady Studios NYC. For this very special night, we invited LomoAmigo Mitchell Wojcik to capture the magic on stage as well as to shoot some exclusive portraits on film.

Lucius by Mitchell Wojcik with the Lomo LC-A

Last month, Lucius released the album Nudes which was recorded at the legendary Electric Lady Studios NYC. The album features a collection of acoustic songs, creating an intimate atmosphere, just like the band has been doing on stage for a while now. By playing reinvented acoustic versions of their songs as well as covers of some of their all-time favorites in extraordinary locations around the world, Lucius have created a live performance experience of their own, fitting the album.

The performance at the Electric Lady Studios was one of their highlights, as the band went back to the very spot, where they had recorded those exact songs. As an exclusive event for only a few invited fans, organized and recorded by Spotify, the energy and atmosphere was breathtaking for everyone in the room. With our Neptune Convertible Art Lens System Mitchell was able to move around the space, switch lenses and capture the magic for you from every angle.

Jess and Holly shared a microphone on stage and their beautiful voices with us and left the whole audience stunned with goosebumps. If you like their music, you will love their live shows. Make sure to catch Lucius on tour and check their upcoming dates here.

Lucius is currently shooting with our Lomo'Instant Wide and we cannot wait to see how the band captures their adventures on instant film. Meanwhile, we are super lucky to be given the chance to have Mitchell take Jess and Holly's portraits on the Lomo LC-A for some LomoAmigo-exclusive band shots at the Electric Lady Studios -- a day, we will probably never forget, and thanks to film photography, we've captured the memory for eternity.

Lucius by Mitchell Wojcik with the Lomo LC-A

If you haven't already, make sure to check out Lucius music on Spotify and follow the band on their Instagram

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