What Went Down in the Film World Last Year


It’s Film Photography Day once again and we think it’s only right to do a rundown of the hottest news to have hit our film photography radar last year. We've heard it all before — speculation about film getting close to being obsolete and all that jazz. However, the news tell a different story. 2017 was probably one of the strongest years in the recent history of film photography and it's all thanks to the people who keep coming back to the analogue life. There's an ever growing interest in it now more than ever and that's why we firmly believe that film is here to stay. Here are some exciting moments that made 2017 such a great year for analogue lovers around the world:

Film Bounces Back

Nothing is sweeter than a great comeback. Some of the films we love just made their way back onto the shelves and we couldn't be happier.

Remember those movies where the protagonist gets beaten at the beginning of the story but ultimately comes back for redemption at the end? Yeah. This is kind of like that... but cooler!

Make Photos, Make Memories

It's fun to take photos and judging from the sheer number of images uploaded in the Community, it's easy to say that a lot of people enjoyed taking photos last year!

Credits: newmandrew, montagu, liaye & zoomusicgirl69

Lomographers just never cease to amaze us. The photos keep piling up and the film banter just goes on and on. That alone continues to make our little community a great place to be in. We just loved the good vibes you sent all around in 2017 and we hope this year will be even better!

Creativity All Around

Last year, we also saw some great talents rise. These are the people who strive to bring out the best in their work by perfecting their skill and continue to love the craft itself.

Credits: Louis Dazy, Valentin Duciel, Roeg Cohen, Duran Levinson, and Hollie Fernando

We have had Louis Dazy and his brilliant double exposures, Valentin Duciel and her groovy photographs reminiscent of an equally groovy era and so much more. The film photography community is more than lucky to have these exceptional artists as champions for the cause. We have had the great pleasure of interviewing them for our artist series.

Film Projects

Learning never stops in film photography. It's in our DNA as photographers — there's inspiration for learning everywhere.

Last year saw many great film photography projects and series like DIY cameras, interesting disposable film projects, and documentary work that were nothing short of inspiring.

Lomographic Spirit

Pushing creative boundaries is one of the things we do here at Lomography. The pursuit of creative adventures keep us on our toes.

Credits: Kate Hook, Eden Carter, Tristan Aitchison, and John Voulgarakis

It's only natural that we go forward with projects and products like the ever popular LomoChrome Purple, the classic LC-A, and the charming Lomo’Instant Square — all of which inspire you to go that extra mile in your analogue adventures.

A Year for Lomo Gear

The debate about film photography fading away into obscurity is over. Successful was the film revolution.

It's here to stay. Period. We aim to keep it that way that's why we came up with gear that will help you shoot your way to analogue greatness.

These news makes shooting with film more challenging and inspiring, don’t you think? Indeed, long live film!

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  1. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    @cheeo I hope Alaris Kodak resurrects Kodachrome 25, and, please, please, Lomography resurrect the LOMO Electra 112 with engineering mistakes corrected!! Look here... https://www.lomography.es/magazine/217278-lomo-electra-112-…

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    I 'm with you Herbert-4

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    this recap and it's stories make me smile

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