Top 10 Inspiring Must-Reads For Passionate Pinholists

What have you been up to for World Pinhole Photography Day? If the idea mill is going dry, allow us to amuse you with some interviews with passionate pinhole photographers, quirky and creative DIY pinhole cameras and informative analysis on the state of pinhole photography in the digital age. Scroll down for th

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Francesco Capponi's Pine-Nut Pinhole Camera

In love with stenopeic photography, Lomographer @francesco shared his creative and innovative qualities by using a pine nut to make a pinhole camera out of it, making use a bit of wordplay here as he dubbed the pinhole camera he made as "PinHolo". Read his story in PinHolo - The story of how I made a Pine-Nut Pinhole Camera!.

Mechanical Pinhole Cameraas by Artisan Kwanghun Hyun

Pinhole cameras rarely look royal or elite, so when Korean designer Kwanghun Hyun made mechanical, clockwork-based pinhole cameras, they were just breathtaking. He named the cameras a "Heartbeat", referring to the tug of the heartstrings felt by analogue lovers. Take a look at this inspiring feature in Mechanical Pinhole Cameras With an Analogue Heart by Kwanghun Hyun.

Fly-On-The-Wall Photography with Diana F+

Every Lomographer knows just how famous the Diana F+ is when it comes to pinhole photography, and we find Lomographer and pinholist @tattso's experimental, candid, long-exposure pinholes to be special. The tipster Fly-On-The-Wall Photography with Diana F will teach every budding pinholist how to create a series by mimicking the eyesight of a flying insect, resulting in ethereal scenes of daily life.

Credits: tattso

The In-Depth Interview with Master Pinholist Justin Quinnell

If there's a contemporary master of pinhole photography, it would be Justin Quinnell. Known for making the most luscious pinhole photographs and having his cameas featured in the feature film "The Brothers Bloom", Lomography managed to have a one-on-one with the master himself. Read the interview here.

Making a 3D Stereoscopic Pinhole Camera

Lomographer @lostlittlekid makes pinhole photography even more surreal by making a pinhole version of the stereoscopic camera (which means 3D). This thorough tipster requires the most basic and recycled items, so if you're feeling a bit creative, why not make one for yourself? Here's the guide.

The State of Pinhole Photography Today

Our very own editorial Lomo In-Depth: The Resurgence of Pinhole and Alternative Photography analyzed the current atmosphere for pinhole and alternative photography in the digital age. With the rise of artists leaning to vintage techniques, you might enjoy perusing this editorial and form your own opinion on the issue.

Credits: mikeluntzilla

Francesco Capponi Returns: The Egg Pinhole Camera

Our Lomographer @francesco just has a knack for quirky pinhole designs, and the Pinhegg, his egg pinhole camera, is an inspiring story. With the purpose of just shooting one photograph, Francesco sacrificed the camera in the process by making the camera as the photograph as well. Read his journey to building the egg pinhole camera here.

Credits: francescco

World Pinhole Day: Interview with Martin Cheung, Pinhole Photography Master

Another pinhole master came to Lomography, and it's none other than Martin Cheung, one of Hong Kong's most avid pinhole photography and camera enthusiast. HIs through-the-needle shots will surely inspire newcomers and old-time practitioners alike for World Pinhole Day. Read our interview.

DIY Pinhole Instax Camera


Tired of using up your film rolls? How about takingmeshing the art of pinhole and instant photography together? Our Lomographer @stephanie_maks modified an LC-A+ Instant Back to become a stand-alone pinhole camera. You can also use the Diana Instant Back for your instant pinhole camera too! Follow this step-by-step guide.

Credits: stephanie_maks

The Six-Month Long Pinhole Exposure of Justin Quinnell

We all know that when it comes to pinhole experiments, Justin Quinnell is the one way ahead of everyone. He shared his own experience in exposing a pinhole for six months long, a true test of patience for any photographer. Why not start now with this tipster?

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