Tipster Special: All-Analogue Experiments

It's time to polish your analogue cameras and roll out your stash of film for Film Photography Day! Today’s the day to get together and shoot awesome photos using the funkiest film cameras and celebrate all things analogue. And to jumpstart this special occasion, we browsed through our Tipster archives and unearthed some of the best film experiments that you can do at home.

Credits: poepel

How to Create Truly Painterly Images Out of Unwanted Negatives

Sort through your boxes and fish out the unwanted negatives you tossed away. Argentinean writer and photographer Lorraine Healy teaches us to make artistic images out of previously discarded negatives. Try it now!

Credits: lorrainehealy

How to Take Symmetrical Images by Exposing Both Sides of the Film

If you’re lucky enough, chances are you’ve already had a peek at hodachrome ’s jaw-dropping double exposures and visual experiments on the Community. A true Lomography master, hodachrome reveals one of his most coveted secrets on how to shoot symmetrical images with by exposing both sides of your film. Here's how to do it.

Credits: hodachrome

Special Edition: Film Freaks Tipster

Are you ready to take a risk? Film Lab Rat @hti dares you to get a little experimental by soaking your rolls in bleach and detergent. In this special collection of film tipsters, you’ll learn cool tips on how to create surreal photographs dripping in color. Follow these tips!

Credits: hti

Lomo LC-A+ Instant Back+ Negative Tipster by Mandi

When used with the LC-A Instant Back+, the Lomo LC-A+ can shoot instants with the distinct effect that this camera is famous for: punchy colors, shadowy vignettes, an overall analogue look. Step up your instant game and expose negative instead with this clever little tipster.

Credits: mandi

Have you tried any of these tipsters? Which one is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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