The Dreamiest Exposures Captured with the Diana F+ Pinhole

Pinhole photography technique is one of the most antique techniques in image-making. It's photography using a basic camera obscura with a tiny aperture or hole. As we celebrate World Pinhole Photography Day, we curated some of the best, dreamy and lo-fi Lomographs for your viewing, taken with the Diana F+ Pinhole.

Credits: jlovett, kleeblatt & bccbarbosa

There's a reason why the Diana F+ is nicknamed as "Dreamy Diana", and it is more emphasized when paired with the Diana Multi Pinhole Operator, which turns the camera into the ultimate pinhole camera. A modern and chic twist to the 60's cult classic, the Diana F+ reproduces the vintage aesthetics -- soft focus, feathered vignettes, radiant colors in medium format, bringing out Pictorialist vibes.

Get inspired and become a pinholist yourself with the Dreamy Diana!

Credits: meryl, dfred, mephisto19, bccbarbosa, smolda, amaiahodge, dakadev_pui & rie

2018-05-01 #culture #pinhole #world-pinhole-photography-day

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