Jaqueline Badeaux: Experiments with the LC-A

Jaqueline Badaeaux is an experimental photographer whose work falls on the line between dark and surreal. Her use of the LC-A explores uses of multiple exposure and embracing mistakes such as scratches and grain. We're very excited to talk to Jaqueline about her work and why she chooses to shoot the way she does.

Jaqueline Badaeaux

Hi Jaqueline, welcome to the magazine! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
My name is Jacqueline Claire Marion Badeaux. (1986-?) I was born in California and moved to Sweden and then I got bored and moved to Texas.

What draws you to photography?
I love how photography is a medium that can be like all other art forms. Film soups or long exposures can make your photos painterly. Or sound and succession of frames can make movies. There is so much potential when you love photography.

Jaqueline Badaeaux

Who or what influences your work?
Andrei Tarkovsky. Francis Bacon.

You work a lot with multiple exposures, what's your process when working with that?
It’s endless the ways you can experiment with double exposures. There’s the beloved splitzer, where I plan and have an end result in mind. Some is spontaneous, random, lucky, magic. I change shutter speeds for the second exposure sometimes. Or use a motor drive while holding down double exposure.

Jaqueline Badaeaux

Your photographs have almost a certain ambiguity to them -- this spiritual borderline ethereal quality. Can you speak more about why you enjoy this kind of look?
Nothing is secretive or anonymous these days, and I love the idea of mystery. Invented identity. Nightmarish or dreamlike. Painterly, like a Francis Bacon figure; or cinematic scenery like from a Tarkovsky movie.

How does working with the LC-A compare to other cameras you've worked with?
I love how small it is. It always works the way I want it to. It’s simple, with mechanisms I can understand. It just feels right.

Jaqueline Badaeaux

Do you think that working with film gives you more liberties than working on a digital platform?
Yes. The element of surprise when trying different things. Chemicals. Film soups. Temperatures. Controlled or chaotic. It’s addictive, and feels like gambling. The imperfections couldn’t be repeated even if I tried and I think that’s beautiful and makes photos taken with film one of a kind.

Jaqueline Badaeaux

What advice would you give to experimenting photographers?
Always try something different ! Be playful.

What more can we see from you in the future?
I just got a Lomokino, so more to come using that.

You can see more of Jaqueline's work on her website and instagram

written by sarahlindsayk on 2018-04-11 #gear #people

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