Stories on Film: Marion Herbain of First of The Roll


Meet Marion Herbain who set up the popular @f1rstoftheroll Instagram page that is dedicated to film photography. She selected some of her favourite photos from this series and talked to us about her inspiring project.

Photos: adam__adam__adam, kapsalakis_g

Hello Marion, tell us a bit about yourself?

Hello! I’m a Parisian who moved to London where I’ve been living for the past 18 years. I play bass in a band called Veronica Falls and have a passion for architecture, exploring, Outsider Art and of course, photography.

What made you want to start up @firstoftheroll?

I got the idea for First of The Roll when I started shooting analogue again a few years back. The first frame which would often come back incomplete or burnt quickly became my favourite. Instead of discarding it as a mistake, I decided to celebrate it. The first frame embodies everything I love about shooting film, from the manual process of it down to the unpredictability of the results you get. I get a lot of people writing in saying they used to regard the first frame as a waste of film, but that they now look forward to it and think about what they’ll shoot for it. That makes me really happy.

Photos: chichic, noey_rmy, negativecake

Do you think Instagram is a help or hindrance to the film photography industry?

I think it’s been a big help so far! It’s given film photographers from all over the world a platform to showcase their work and with the help of hashtags, it’s created a very strong community and has encouraged dialogue.

Photos:satellitejune, cris35mm

You have over 45K followers on your Instagram page, do you think there has been a strong resurgence in analogue?

Most definitely. I’ve noticed a sharp increase even just in the two years that the account has existed. I see it as a mixture of people now having a global platform to showcase their work, but also as a direct response to the advancement of digital technologies. So much emphasis is currently put upon perfection and enhancing reality, I think it’s made a lot of people want to slow things down and get back to basics in a quest for authenticity and durability. A few companies including you guys have also responded favourably and come up with fun new films and accessories to shoot with. It’s really exciting to know that there are still a lot of new areas to foray into with something as old as analogue photography.

Photos: aaronisaac729, alicevedrine, nhimnhimnhimnhimnhim, eeyeswideopen, lynxarc

We asked you to select some of your favourite shots, tell us why you chose these?

I thought they were a good illustration of the diversity and beauty of "Firsts" you can get!

What are your plans for firstoftheroll in 2018?

I’ve been talking about putting a ‘First of The Roll’ book out with a lovely London based art publisher. I’d also love to have a physical exhibition one day.

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