Lomographer clarise629 on Shooting with the La Sardina

The Lomography community is composed of the most interesting people on this earth. A whole world of Lomography love and we focus on Malaysian Lomographer @clarise629 and her Lomography La Sardina camera!

Credits: clarice629

How long have I been a Lomographer?

I wanted to be a Lomographer long time ago but i truly became one in late August 2012. La Sardina made me take the plunge.

How was it like using the La Sardina camera? Can you share with us your favorite photo taken with it?

My absolute favorite is the photo of the fairies on the glass window because it looked like there really were fairies in the sky.

Credits: clarice629

My Sardina is very special to me because it moved with me from Hong Kong to Malaysia. It is also my first film camera. Chose the Sardina because it was simple enough to use- put in film, press shutter, advance film. In fact I love Lomography. It focuses so much on enjoying photography and experimenting, and less on using proper techniques and making sure your photos are created using a certain formula. I got interested in film photography because of Lomography! My favorite films are all Lomography films!

Any tips on shooting film?

I am not the best person for giving tips 'cause my shots go with my instincts more than with techniques. But if you are a beginner, I have a tip: Find a camera that you are comfortable with (perhaps a point and shoot), and take photos outdoors. You have a higher chance of getting decent shots and your confidence will grow.

Credits: clarice629

Any message I want to tell other Lomographers?

Don't think, just shoot! Seriously. Live life that way and film photography opens up a brand new world for you.

Follow your gut; if your eyes think it's worthy of a shutter press, do it! Don't be stingy with film, shoot whatever catches your eye!

Give @clarise629 some lomo love and check out her photos!

written by crissyrobles on 2018-05-27 #gear #people #la-sardina

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