Exhibit Your World with Fotoclips!

Do you scan your negatives and keep it in your hard drives? Do you show your photos to your friends via your iPhones or Blackberries and even at your Facebook pages too, ya? Well, its time to come out and SHOW your photos (literally!).

Lomography’s Fotoclips are these tiny, cute transparent mounts, which you can use to display your lomographic treasures. One package consists of 100 pieces enough to create your very own lomo wall. There are 100 pieces of 2D clips, which fastens 2 regular photos together, and 10 pieces of 3D clips, which you can use to connect 2 photos together in an angle to other sets of Fotoclips.

You can literally build your own lomo spiral, lomo cube or any lomo art with your photos. Just build up your imagination, and clip those photos away. You can even make your own lomo wall in your room!

Take a box of Fotoclips and a pile of photos, and you’ve got all the ingredients you need to build a photo lampshade, a photo wall, a photo skirt, curvy durvy photo sculptures, pretty much anything you can dream up. Lomography is fun – so present your photos in a fun way! Just a word of advice – try to control yourself as this activity is very addictive… really.

Ok, spend those piggies and head on to the lomo shop. Get yourself busy and hang those photos!

written by panelomo on 2010-07-20 #gear #review #photos #lomography #panelomo #clips #fotoclips

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