Monday Moodboard: Breakfast for Champions

How do you overcome the lethargic Monday mornings? Easy — simply relish on your breakfast! We have a variety of flatlay images and food photographs for your eyes to feast!

Credits: vanilajan, dreadlockboy, betterthanelvis, needle76, orangebird & kleeblatt

Are you having cereal and granola bars with fruits and berries in them? Or maybe the usual set of Japanese breakfast, complete meat, veggies, and carbs? How about the good 'ol bacon and eggs with orange juice? These nicely set-up breakfast sets for champions will fill your energy level just by looking at this Monday Moodboard. Don't forget to grab some grub!

Credits: dreadlockboy, chatte_blanche, carsten-schmitt, mephisto19, ling, fabo & alwaysae

2018-04-02 #culture #inspiration #food-photography #monday-moodboard

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