Chasing Silhouettes Using Lomography Orca 110 Film

Frame your subjects with mysterious and dramatic silhouettes. Because they force you took look for strong forms with crisp contours, photographing silhouettes help to refine your composition skills. For stunning silhouettes, we highly recommend using the elusive Lomography Orca 110 Film.

Credits: atria007

Intriguing Shapes

The key to crafting a dramatic silhouette is to find a subject that projects powerful forms. Look out for famous towers, cityscapes, detailed trees and their branches, or cats lurking on narrow passageways. And when you go grayscale, you’ll see even more striking results Loading up on a black and white film such as the Orca 110 Film guarantees beautiful shapes as it makes the world completely monochromatic.

Credits: retroguy53, funwithrobots, menrea & ces1um

Finding Backlight

The easiest way to create silhouette images is to use strong backlighting. Your background should always be brighter than your foreground. Have the subject face towards you and the source of light behind your subject. The Orca 110 Film has a light sensitivity of 100 making it ideal for brightly lit and contrasting tonal scenes.

Credits: jules_fxxk, crismiranda & devildi

Framing the Enigma

When taking silhouette portraits, take advantage of your subject’s surroundings. You can leave the background blank with the backlight, or merge the environment by turning your subject into a silhouette as well. To add a mysterious ambiance to your images, simply pair the Orca 110 Film with the Diana Baby 110 — a camera for producing stunning little vignettes.

Credits: mingkie, tattso & mapix

Scout your surroundings for silhouettes with the Lomography Orca 110 Film, available at the Online Shop and Gallery Stores.

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