World Travelers: Viktor Bevaro with his LC-Wide Through Central America

Like so many others, Viktor Bevaro (@viktorbevaro) has always been dreaming about a big international journey! And like so many of us can relate to, all he needed was a little push. Although Viktor has been travelling since he was a teenager, an Important life event gave him power to leave and motivation to fulfill his dream. As of this day, Viktor has traveled more than 40 countries and luckily for us, he has been documenting his amazing journey with his Lomo LC-Wide

Viktor Bevaro -- Guatemala Life of Lanquin

You've been traveling with your LC-Wide to many different places recently. Can you tell us about what sparked this journey?

I've always been dreaming about traveling far, maybe since I was 17. When I was younger and broke, I used to host couchsurfers in my college apartment, instead of traveling myself. All together I've hosted more than 200 guests from various different countries and it was an amazing time of my youth. I've done a couple of Eurotrips in my twenties, lived in Mauritius for few months, but have never done a big solo journey.

Last year, after the breakup with my fiance, I realized that it was the right time to go. My final decision was inspired mainly by my good friend Dila, who was traveling the whole world at the time. First, I left for the Camino de Santiago (famous Spanish pilgrimage, walking hundreds of kilometers towards Santiago de Compostela), where I fell in love with a Puertorican girl and continued to travel to many countries with her. (Spain, Portugal, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia). Afterwards she flew to Morocco and I went to Mexico. In the last seven months I've been traveling solo through Central America, country by country, Mexico-Belize-Guatemala-Salvador-Honduras-Nicaragua, and nowadays I'm in Costa Rica, probably headed towards Panama and Colombia in the next months.

Viktor Bevaro (left to right): Nicaragua Surfer in Playa Popoyo, Nicaragua Playa Gigante, Belize Belizeans on the way to Belize City, Nicaragua Injured in Playa Gigante, Guatemala Vista Verde - Lanquin

What is your overall favorite place you have visited so far and why?

During this trip I completely fell in love with Playa Gigante in Nicaragua. It's a small fishermen / surfing village with stunning sunsets and a really chilled energy, where I met amazing people and felt very happy. I'm mainly used to life in European cities and living in a small Nicaraguan ocean village was really refreshing and mind-changing for me. Otherwise, if I had to choose one country as a travel suggestion, it would be Mexico. Mexico offers everything from amazing food, beautiful beaches, ruins, islands, people are friendly and there is so so much to explore. I've spent 3 months there and I will definitely come back.

Viktor Bevaro (left to right): Nicaragua Playa Gigante, Guatemala El Paredon - last Sunset of 2017, Nicaragua Playa Gigante

What do you like about shooting with the LC-Wide while on the go?

I appreciate how simple and small Lomography's cameras are and still produce such beautiful results. For me, this camera became a friend, a third eye, it's always in my pocket. I scratched it all over with a knife, so it looks really old and destroyed (although it's quite new), but this way, no one will steal it from me. That was the idea, and apparently it worked, because our house in Nicaragua was robbed one day. They stole our computers and phones, but didn't take my scratched old-looking Lomo LC-Wide. It's the perfect point and shoot camera for an easy daily use.

Viktor Bevaro -- Mexico Aztecs in Teotihuacan

What are your plans for the future in travel and photography?

I would really like to visit all countries of the world during my life, slow speed, not as a stamp collector, but having a small experience in each of them. So far I have been to 40+ countries, so another 160 of them are still waiting for me. I'm trying not to plan my life too much and focus on the present moment. I have no idea, where I'm going to be in two months and I would like to keep it that way for as long as possible. I always loved to take photos, so as I am getting older, I will continue with my personal project 21 Pics, learn more and more about analog photography and probably travel to conflict/war zones of the world as well, like the amazing Czech photographer Jan Sibik, who I admire.

Viktor Bevaro (left to right): Nicaragua Hike to San Juan, Guatemala Semuc Champey, Guatemala Flores, Guatemala Semuc Champey, Belize Pupusas in San Ignacio, Nicaraguas Travellers in Playa Popoyo, Guatemala Blind Musician

Can you show us some of your favorite photos and tell us about their stories?

This was taken in Mexico City, Mexico.
For me it's a reminder to be grateful for being from non-war, non-violent democratic country. Feeling so small and weak next to police forces in Mexico City was really uncomfortable.

Viktor Bevaro -- Mexico Police in Mexico City

The next one is from Belize; Caye Caulker Island. Creol, tropical, and slow: that’s the energy of this small Belizean island. GO SLOW is its official trademark and perfectly fits its mood.

Viktor Bevaro -- Belize Biker on Caye Caulker Island

This was in Lanquin, Guatemala. A small village in the hills, full of women in local colorful dresses and kids. This photo is as a symbol of Family for me, no need to say more.

Viktor Bevaro -- Guatemala Life of Lanquin

This shot of my friend Mathilde in Playa Gigante, Nicaragua will always remind me of the purity and simplicity of village ocean life, which I completely adored and gave me inner joy.

Viktor Bevaro -- Nicaragua Playa Gigante

It's inspiring to see someone completely changing his life and living his dream. What can you share with people who may still be dreaming of traveling like you are doing?

I consider leaving for this trip as one of the best decision I have made in my whole life. Other great experiences would be hosting Couchsurfers, a few years of Kundalini Yoga, my business failures and being in a long-term relationship. All these things, together with art, sports, my family and building connections with people in general made me a much stronger and better person. Traveling solo and for a long time brings up a lot of personal questions. You are forced to be on your own, forced to doubt yourself, sooner or later forced to face solitude. It’s not always as easy as it might seem, but in general I consider it an amazing lifestyle, that’s for sure not for everyone, but is fitting me. In the end it doesn’t matter too much, which country you pick to travel to, because you can meet someone great anywhere, many times in the most unexpected place of the world. I would advice everyone to try at least a few months of a solo journey. The further from your home, the better, because you´ll have less motivation to return, whenever you face some difficulties. I had an amazing time in Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, I really like Portugal, Spain, Italy, enjoyed life in Mauritius a lot. And as always in life – you can´t predict or plan your future, so keep it always a little bit open when you’re starting your trip and don’t be afraid of unexpected changes. Get a high quality backpack, great shoes and just go, one--way, don’t overthink it, you got nothing to lose.

Buen Camino !

Viktor Bevaro (left to right): Mexico Aztecs in Teotihuacan, Guatemala Life of Lanquin, Guatemala Lake Peten Itza, Guatemala Life of Lanquin, Mexico Sellers in Cholula, Belize March in Belize City, Belize Caye Caulker Island, Mexico Homeless in Mexico City, Belize Bus in San Ignacio

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