London Institute of Photography Talks: A Series of Helpful Videos

London Institute of Photography (aka LIop) is dedicated to strengthen their local artistic community and promote better exploration of the craft. LIoP started branching out internationally by sharing videos of their talks online.

If you are in for some learning, buckle up and virtually attend a few talks by Sam Hiscox, Ian Howorth, and Eliška Kyselková through the videos of LIoP:

  • Covering Portraiture and Film Photography, Sam Hiscox is a London-based photographer whose work on film have been published on various zines. His portrayal of youth and wild energy is what makes his work distinct. He boasts a huge client base including Kanye West, Julian Casablancas and Fatboy Slim.
Sam Hiscox - Portraiture and Film Photography
  • Ian Howorth works as a freelance cameraman and a photographer. However, he is currently very fond of using film for his personal projects. For his talk, he tackles the topic of Urban Isolation on Film.
Ian recounts his journey into film photography in this short statement: "My passion with photography began some years ago but I didn’t really pursue it avidly until about 3 years ago when a friend asked me to shoot an event for him. I realised when shooting digitally that all I was doing was trying to emulate film with the inevitable editing afterwards, so I decided to just try film instead. I’ve nothing against digital, it’s my bread and butter but there is something about film that I adore."
Ian Howorth - Urban Isolation on Film
  • Eliška Kyselková talks about Fashion Photography in this video. Eliška's work is mostly commercial, fashion, and editorial photography and videography with her reach thanks to Vogue Italia, Pylot, Infringe, Pigeons&Peacocks.
Her ideal work, as described on her website, goes as: "Eliška mainly works with the theme of consumption, the ideals of beauty and human imperfections often connected with humour and irony."
Eliška Kyselková - Fashion Photography

written by crissyrobles on 2018-05-21 #videos

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