Analogue Monologues: When Shadows Do the Talking

Shadows are mere dark reflections of our bodies, but they probably have a lot more to say. Some shadows are mere pantomimes of their owners. Some try to be more.

Credits: azzzy

On harsh lights, shadow seem stronger and louder, trying to become more like people than mere entities on the ground. They are like you in every way, except they are faceless. They know your exact moves and the next, and they can be a little unnerving, for sometimes they seem like they’re trying to overpower you too, by becoming bigger than what they actually are. Careful now, for when they overlap with other shadows from other beings and things, they can be even more intimidating.

Credits: liquorice, donmarcos, panelomo & tabuk

You can't outrun them. The best thing you can do is to get to know them. Cast your gaze downwards and look at your own shadow. See if there are other shadows nearby. Photographing shadows give recognizable, supposedly mundane objects new forms and shapes, becoming your best creative partner.

Credits: dida, bloomchen, modern_nmt, sanmariano, twizzer88 & metaluna

2018-04-03 #culture #shadow #creative-photography

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