Redefine Your Style with the Neptune Convertible Art Lens

Style is a matter of presentation. How do you package your photographs? How do you compose your images? These are the types of questions we ask when we talk about what constitutes style. What's great about having your own take on things is that you can change it up depending on your subject. With the Neptune Convertible Art Lens System, you can switch from one style to another using any of its four front lenses.

Create Ultra-wide Shots with the Naiad 15 mm Lens

You asked, we delivered. The newest addition to the Neptune Art Lens System offers a whopping 135° field of view and takes images with commanding color and contrasts.

Credits: lomography, koduckgirl & suizidekid

Photos taken with the new 15 mm Naiad lens are really and truly larger than life! With its ultra-wide-angle and high-quality optics, bigger and bolder photographs leap out of the frame. Its closest focusing distance of 1 cm lets you get really close to your subject, just enough to take ultra-sharp photos. Whether you’re shooting intimate portraits or dynamic urban shots, the Naiad Art Lens will put everything in mind-bending perspective.

Chase Action with the Thalassa 35 mm Lens

Choose the Thalassa 35 mm lens if you're planning to go for dramatic shots. With its closest focusing distance of 25 cm, it lets you capture images with remarkable quality and fine detail.

Credits: duffman, gakurou & lomography

The 35 mm Thalassa is a great go-to lens when you're out and about exploring the city. Discover urban landscapes, create stunning architectural shots, gritty street photographs, and compelling reportage scenes. Break the barriers that separate you from the bigger picture with the Thalassa.

Shoot at Your Own Pace with the Despina 50 mm Lens

The Despina lens has a fixed focal length of 50 mm that will help you master the rigors of everyday shooting. It has a clean and clear approach to images with minimal distortion so you can represent your subjects naturally.

Credits: gakurou, koujisano & koduckgirl

Practice is at the heart of everyday photography. You love the grind and in fact, you embrace it. You're a photographer with a definitive understanding of what you want to see in your images and you need gear that can translate inspiration into impeccable results. The 50 mm focal length also produces delicate bokeh so you can give your fashion snaps an extra twist of style. With the nifty-fifty Despina, no task is too great.

Perfect your Portraits with the Proteus 80 mm Lens

Your equipment is the extension of your style. Understanding what you shoot with can make all the difference. Make images with a tool that's designed specifically for your creative pursuits.

Credits: bonnelly, helmadee, shawnlin & duffman

With its shallow depth of field, the Proteus 80 mm lens is a great choice for portrait photography. This feature lets you produce beautiful bokeh backgrounds to make your subjects stand out in every frame. Go with your instinct and experiment with special drop-in aperture plates and you'll be able to produce brilliant shots with beautifully blurred backgrounds.

Style is an ongoing evolution. It's a process you go through so don't be afraid to go for different aesthetics. The same thing goes with the gear you shoot with. It should adapt and grow with you as an artist and as a photographer. The Neptune Convertible Art Lens System will prove to be a great creative companion as you develop your own style. It's compatible with a wide range of digital and analogue cameras, pick up yours now at our Online Shop or at a Gallery Store near you.

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