Create a Wonderful World of Landscapes with the Sprocket Rocket


Wherever you go, there are landscape shots waiting to be taken. They lie in wait for the adventurer who takes time to appreciate the view. You can be that adventurer! Just breathe it all in and use a camera that can give you that oh so sweet panoramic shot. The Sprocket Rocket offers a fantastic panoramic ride with every roll.

Credits: hodachrome

Bring Out the Color

Some views are just better in color. Paint a world of magnificent skylines, majestic mountains, and colorful structures with every frame using the Sprocket Rocket. Its wide-angle lens can capture all the beauty in one fell swoop!

Credits: fisheyemary, ryszardl70 & dida

Show Mood with Black and White

There's time for color and there's time for monochrome. The Sprocket Rocket can go either way. Go with black and white if you're feeling extra moody or when the shot calls for it. This film choice is perfect for night-time shots and moments that need a dramatic treatment.

Credits: mafiosa, kevinhodur & crevans27

Liven Things Up with Slide

Going for color? Why not go all the way with slide film? Slide films are the perfect way to add some eye-popping colors and effects to your landscapes. The Sprocket Rocket can accommodate your craving for super saturated shots and remarkable vignettes! Let cross processing be your friend.

Credits: blueskyandhardrock & ryszardl70

Sprinkle Some Sun-Kissed Colors

If you're feeling a little experimental, try shooting landscapes with Lomography Redscale film. It's one way to shake things up, aesthetics and technique-wise. You can choose ready-made redscale films or do it yourself. It's your image, own it!

Credits: ryszardl70, cryboy & fisheyemary

Flaunt Your Sprockets

Aside from its wide-angle lens, the Sprocket Rocket is also famous for its ability to expose sprocket holes in the image. Use that feature to your advantage! Introduce this effect into your landscapes to create a look that's distinctly analogue.

Credits: purepaty, frenchyfyl & oskar73

There are lots of ways to step up your landscape game with the Sprocket Rocket. You just need a little bit of imagination and a thirst for awesome analogue shots. Try these tips out for yourself and discover a whole new world of landscapes! Grab yours from the Online Shop or a Gallery Store near you, and don't forget to share your shots with our 1 million strong Community!

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Lomography Sprocket Rocket

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