Living the Life You Choose - an Interview with Niko Moretti

If we can describe photographer Niko Moretti in one sentence, it would be along the lines of "he's not afraid to go out there and take photographs of what he loves." He leads a life of adventure and his photographs reflect that.

Niko is a free spirit who doesn't want to be boxed in by definitions of style and the restrictions that come with it. Any photographer can learn from him in that sense and follow his example. We recently got in touch with him for an interview and in the short time we got to know him, we already want to load our cameras, head outside, and start snapping.

© Niko Moretti

Hello, Niko. Welcome to the Lomography Online Magazine! How did you get started on your photographic journey?

Hey, Lomography. It all started 3 years ago, when my father gave me my first camera. That was my first real encounter with
photography. I started taking pictures with my friends, documenting our youth and our adventures here in my hometown. From then on I used to carry the camera in my backpack, trying to shoot as much as possible. So that was the beginning..

© Niko Moretti

How would you define photography?

Photography for me is a way to escape from reality, something that can make me dream and make those dreams unforgettable. Through photography I found myself, my way of being!

© Niko Moretti

What's your favorite thing about it?

I love to be able to capture. and collect moments.

Why shoot film in a digital age? What about film makes you want to make images?

I think that the film photography is the real photography! When I shoot on film all my mind and all my energy are concentrated on that specific moment, I completely feel the action around me... So that's why I keep shooting film in a digital age.

© Niko Moretti

Your work radiates with such a lively mood and energetic vibe. Was this a style your were going for?

Not really. You know, I think that's really difficult specially at a young age, to get an accurate style. It's been more like an evolution of me, something that grows up with me and every day changes me and my lifestyle.

© Niko Moretti

We also noticed that you travel a lot. How has your journey affected your style and work?

Travelling for me represents something that makes me feel alive. I always think about the next plane to take and how to make my travels unforgettable. It's a big part of my life. My mind is set on "travel mode" seven days a week. This greatly influences my way of shooting, every new place I visit is always a new source of inspiration for me.

© Niko Moretti

How would you describe your style?

It's a mixture of adventure, lifestyle, and travel photography. All these things describe my style, and my photographs too.

© Niko Moretti

What are the things that you look for in a moment before you hit the shutter?

I just look through the camera and wait until everything is as I imagined it before. When I leave home with the intention to take pictures, I always try to live an adventure before hitting the shutter. To me is the only way to take a good photograph.

© Niko Moretti

What inspires you to make images?

My friends, surfing, and travelling — these are the things that inspires me to make images. In my pictures, I always try to tell a story, to tell something about me and my life.

© Niko Moretti

Who are the artists that you follow? What do you like about their work?

First of all Theò Gosselin, Tim Swallow, and Sebastién Zanella. They are like mentors for me. I look at their pictures almost every day. I like how they represent reality and how they are able to tell stories.

What do you think makes a good photograph?

I think it's subjective... For me a good photo is a photo that gives me chills.

© Niko Moretti

Lastly, what's next for Niko Moretti?

I wish l could make this passion a job. You'll never know, life is always full of surprises. As once an old lady in Nepal told me: life is simple, but remember, it's never easy.

We would like to express our gratitude to Niko for letting us feature his images on the Magazine. If you're interested in his work, you may visit his Instagram, and blog for more.

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