Fulvio Roiter: A Life in Pictures

Roiter was first a chemist, before a photographer. But as his own city took his hold of him as his inspiration, Roiter started his journey with photography at the age of 20, joining the La Gondola Photography Club in Venice, 1949. From there was the beginning of his visually arresting travel photography.

12. Fulvio Roiter Venezia, Fondamenta delle Zattere, 1975 © Fondazione Fulvio Roiter; 7. ulvio Roiter Mestoli ©Archivio Storico Circolo Fotografico La Gondola Venezia; 15. Fulvio Roiter Acqua alta in Piazzetta San Marco, 2002 © Fondazione Fulvio Roiter;16. Fulvio Roiter La casa di Bepi a Burano, 1997 © Fondazione Fulvio Roiter

He was well-acquainted with Paolo Monti as they both discovered foreign autthors from the Fotoform group as well as the works of Hans Hammarskjöld. Fulvio became active in the professional photography field since 1953, leaving Venice for Sicily as he documented the goings-on in the southern island. The images of Sicily became the series "Camera", marking his debut to the international arena, traveling to Sardinia, Brazil, Belgium, Persia, Mexico, Tukey, Lebanon, Spain, and many more as he built up his visual reportage archive, and many of his famous works came from these travels. His documentation of the Watussi ritual dances and pigmies of Mount Hoyo are among these.

His book "Umbria of San Francesco" was a series that resulted in four of his most famous photographs in his whole retrospective in 1954. the photograph "Terre de Saint-François" won the Nadar Prize in 1956.

Catch the display for the artist in Fulvio Roiter Fotografie 1948 - 2007 at the Tre Oci in Venice, running through August 26th.

22. Fulvio Roiter L'uomo e l'albero, 1950 © Archivio Storico Circolo Fotografico La Gondola Venezia;, 11. Fulvio Roiter Venezia, Squero di San Trovaso, 1970 © Fondazione Fulvio Roiter; 5. Fulvio Roiter Nudo n.5 ©Archivio Storico Circolo Fotografico La Gondola Venezia; ,2. Fulvio Roiter Sicilia, Sulla strada Gela – Niscemi, 1953 ©Fondazione Fulvio Roiter; , 1. Fulvio Roiter Norcia, Ombrie, Terre de Saint-François, 1955 ©Fondazione Fulvio Roiter; 9. ulvio Roiter Venezia, Gondola dall'alto del Ponte di Rialto, 1953 © Fondazione Fulvio Roiter

Images are from the press kit.

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