Watchline: Lomo'Instant Square with Dimetri Hogan

Dimetri Hogan is a young NYC native. Dimetri's style is best described as intimate. His dynamic between subject and camera is amazing, and his direction is like that of a movie. Working previosuly with the Lomo'Instant Automat, Dimetri has already proven that he is a promising and inspirational photographer on the scene. Working on this series with the Lomo'Instant Square, Dimetri yet again showcases another brilliant body of work.

Hi Dimetri, welcome back to the magazine. Tell us, what was your objective with this series of photographs?

Well this series was inspired by youth culture in New York City and the things that bring people together also known as the law of attraction.

You tend to shoot very intimate portraits, why are you interested in that subject?

My portraits capture vulnerability, a lot of humans are afraid to be vulnerable in front of others, including myself at times. So the intimacy portrayed in my photography is just me searching for the courage to be more vulnerable.

What is your take on nudity in photography? Its become more and more of a trend to use the nude figure but you tend to cross a border between that in your work.

Nudity is a very sensitive subject in today's age that I've slowly started to step back from. Nudity itself is pure and a beautiful thing to me but in today's age it's very easy for it to be misconstrued and demeaning. My current work has a sensuality to it, but much more fashion forward.

What is it that you love about instant photography?

I love instant photography because it makes you really take your time with the shot and think it through vs. digital photography where you just fire and fire and hope that one of those shutter releases is the shot you wanted haha. It's a bit more expensive to take that approach to instant photography though.

How do you think the Lomo'Instant Square stacks up to some of the other instant cameras you've worked with such as the Lomo'Instant Automat?

The Lomo'Instant Square is great because it's compact and as a portrait and travel photographer I go all over the world. With that being said the images are still relatively average in size vs. my Lomo'Instant Automat Glass which produces very small polaroids. I tend to misplace moments if the polaroids are too small!

Did working in a square format impact your compositional thinking?

It definitely took a few shots for me to adjust and get used to square format vs. a more rectangular format that I had grown accustomed to. Occasionally people's heads would be half cut off or the landscape shot was missing specific details I wanted to capture. Just like anything else it takes practice!

Can you tell us a little bit about your watchline?

MATIC is a brand new project designed by J. Kingsmark, matic is short for monochromatic and you can check out our Instagram matic for quality time pieces and vintage branding.

What can we see from you moving forward?

I'm currently compiling my work for an photography exhibition in New York and in London.

What advice can you give new photographers out there?

Trust your eye.

You can follow more of Dimetri's work on his Instagram

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