LomoWomen: Eva Zar explores Beauty through her lens

For Women's History Month we want to have a closer look at the work of aspiring female photographers. With projects like Curated By Girls or Girlgaze Project more and more platforms are being created to feature the female view upon the world. But how exactly does that look like and in what way does gender influence art? How do they themselves experience working in the male dominated business of photography?

New York-based photographer and LomoAmigo Eva Zar shares with us a selection of her photographs for the project Femme with us, with which she is exploring variations and levels of beauty.

Eva Zar

Hi Eva, welcome back in the Lomography magazine. What have you been working on lately?
Hey, hey. So many things have happened since my last chat with you guys. I’m currently on my way to Vienna for my upcoming solo-exhibition at Improper Walls. I’ve been working on a lot of stuff with Chakrubs (my favorite crystal sextoy brand), Refinery29, Time Out, Gay Times, Paper, and my favorite queer band Sateen (keep your eyes open, we’re about to release something super fun)!

Eva Zar

Can you tell us a little bit about the series you shared with us?
The photographs in this series are from my project called Femme. Femme is about beauty. I think, it’s important for us to recognize and celebrate beauty in all its variations. Some of the photos where personal shots, some commissioned by different brands and magazines. They all have one thing in common: My subjects aren’t traditional western beauty standards and by capturing them in a glittery way, I’m hoping to redefine beauty one photo at a time.

Eva Zar

Where did you get your inspiration for these photos?
I mean, I think beauty is everywhere. Beauty decided what you eat and how you play. My biggest inspiration for this project was everything beauty-related: ads, products, photographs, etc. Using all of these tools and applying them in different ways seemed relevant to me.

Do you feel like gender stereotypes are slowly fading in front of the cameras?
Absolutely — I do think we still have a long long long way to go to end what is considered traditionally beautiful. And it’s really hard, because the power to change something like this often lies in the wrong hands.

How do you experience being a woman in the photography business? Does your gender play a roll at all?
This question is interesting to me, because I wonder if a man would ever be asked a question like that. That’s your answer right there.

Eva Zar

Do you believe that gender influences your art? Do you believe that your work would be any different if you were male?
What-if questions are always kind of a hard one for me. I think being a female creative in the industry right now is so amazing — I don’t even want to imagine how it would be as a male photographer, probably easier. Male photographers seem to get more respect, it often doesn’t matter what the quality of their work is. There’s definitely a boys club thing going on that everybody wants to be part of, even girls. As a young, female photographer you have to work twice as hard to get where your male colleagues are.

Eva Zar

What's the most important thing that you have learned in your career so far?
It sounds so cliche, but if you truly love what you do at the end of the day, you should never give up. Your body and mind are capable of more than you could ever think of — as long as you treat yourself well everyday. There are moments in your career when you just don’t care anymore and when people or your work disappoints you but that’s just part of a bigger picture. So yeah, go get it, sister.

Any advice for young female photographers?
Ask for everything, a no is free. A lot of female photographers never submit their portfolio to magazines or work with high end brands, because they think their stuff is not good enough. Have you ever heard a guy saying that? Guys will have one crappy image of a young, skinny, pretty girl thinking they’re the next Tim Walker.

Eva Zar

See more of Eva's work on her website and follow her on Instagram

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