Practical Photography Tips with the Lomo'Instant Square

Sometimes, it's the small things that make the biggest difference. Nailing the basics and getting the simple things right can transform the quality of your instants. Practice makes perfect, so keep it simple and follow these practical steps.

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Look Out for Lighting Conditions

When it comes to instant photography, knowing your lighting conditions is half the battle. Good lighting can mean the world when you're shooting! Study and learn the Sunny 16 rule so you know if what you have is good enough to take a wonderful instant snap. But don’t worry too much. The Lomo’Instant Square is equipped for that. It has exposure compensation settings to lighten or darken your frame when you need it.

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Framing — Keep it Tight

The Lomo'Instant Square hip square format is perfect for portraits. Keep it tight so you capture the best qualities of your subject. Fill the frame but be careful not to crop your subjects! Composition is also key here. Play around with visual elements to make your frame even more appealing to the eyes.

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Know Your Distance

Getting good results with instant cameras can be a little tricky in the beginning but don't worry, that's a rite of passage all of us need to go through! One way to make sure you get the best images is to know your camera's focusing distance — 0.8m, 1-2.5m, and infinity. Another would be to use this camera strap with distance markings so you can match it with the Lomo’Instant Square’s zone focusing system. Nailing the right distance can improve the look of your instant snaps!

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Flash On or Off?

Flash photography is optional but sometimes, it's the only way to go! When it's dark out and you need a perfectly-lit snap, simply use the flash feature and save yourself the hassle of getting dark prints. Plus, it can add a great effect to photographs especially at parties or gatherings! The Lomo'Instant Square has a proprietary flash so you're ready for the action even at night-time. Low light? No problem!

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Mind Your Exposure Counter

You're at a party. Everything is going great and there's much fun to be had. Lots of interesting people everywhere and you just can't stop taking photos with them then you look at your camera and see you've run out of film. What a bummer! As much as you'd like to shoot more, you can't because you didn't carry an extra pack of film. Trust us, we know the feeling and it sucks! Just keep count of your shots and always take a look at your exposure counter. That way, you know how many shots are left in your cartridge and know when it's time to reload. It's a simple tip but it could save you from disappointment!

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Liven Things Up with Color

There's nothing like a good splash of lively colors to make your instant snaps extra peppy. Take notice of great backgrounds and subjects with vivid colors to make your instant snaps pop. Or better yet, introduce color to the frame with the Lomo'Instant Square's color gels. Choose from a selection of vibrant colors and go crazy with the possibilities! Not only that, you can also use the Super Filter Set so you have the right filter for any situation!

Credits: lomography

Keeping it practical can make your instant life easy and a whole lot of fun. Pair these tips with the hip, stylish, and dependable Lomo'Instant Square and you've got a killer combo. Enjoy recording every moment that life sends your way with an instant camera that brings out your creativity with every print. Go and get your own now at the Online Shop or at a Gallery Store near you!

Got some instant photography tips up your sleeves? Share them in the comments section below!

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Lomo'Instant Square Glass

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