TEN AND ONE Annual Lomography Photo Awards 2018: February Winners (Part 1)


Hearts were flying all over the Lomography Community last February as we challenged the Community to showcase the different meaning of love. Score tips on setting up the perfect date, photographing bouquet of flowers, creating the perfect film swap and more through the winning photographs in the Now or Never, Trial and Error, Adrenaline Junkies, Off the Grid, and Human Stories categories.

It's A Date

Using their favorite instant cameras, Lomographers capture their sweetest getaways and romantic nights out.

Grand Prize Winner

Credits: ilovefrenchfries

Here's what the jury has to say about this photo:

A retro outing sealed with a kiss, this photo by ilovefrenchfries definitely had us swooning over!


Credits: 16293, lafilledeer, ilcontrariodime, amelia37blue, luisaingrid, evansabahnurd, fragostille, enjoizpanda, -dakota- & alewino

Take Two

Film swaps always produces the most interesting images. Here are the wildest, craziest results ever produced through this collaborative activity!

Grand Prize Winner

Credits: sobetion

Here's what the jury has to say about this photo:

Lomographer sobetion added an urban flavor to this already adorable portrait which resulted to an interesting contrast of grit and charm.


Credits: zulupt, erhanbaran, pam-stach, _baunovart_, liaye, chivasregal, metaluna, serra8, crismiranda & oliv0380

Heart Skipped A Beat

Secure your seat belt and hold onto the hand rail, as your fellow Lomographers let you in on what it feels to be like on the fast lane, through these photographs of racers.

Grand Prize Winner

Credits: oriolphotography

Here's what the jury has to say about this photo:

A blur always suggest rapid movement but Lomographer oriolphotography certainly took it up a notch with this painterly image, as if the car was maneuvering in a surreal plane.


Credits: jmcedo, sirio174, vicuna, grunrader, dupdupdee, lostlittlekid, kiri-girl, chivasregal, guest & bloomchen

In Bloom

The natural allure of flowers makes them an irresistible photo subject. Appreciate their beauty up-close through these winning photographs.

Grand Prize Winner

Credits: vflorian2000

Here's what the jury has to say about this photo:

With its pastel tones and gorgeous details, who could resist the allure of these blooming sakura? Its beauty might be fleeting but good thing vflorian2000 captured it so clearly!


Credits: sirio174, tomczykd, zixolalu, guest, david_c, akio_nakai, pinkbutterfly, badjuju, charsiewbuns & puran

Constant Companion

From siblings to even loyal pets, Lomographers honor time-tested friendships through sweet portraits of their closest pal.

Grand Prize Winner

Credits: busraydogan

Here's what the jury has to say about this photo:

A mother's love knows no bounds and one can clearly see that in this heartwarming portrait by busraydogan.


Credits: lomografin, terria58, amelia37blue, leanlui, dudizm, guest, metaluna, moreira, eleonorepairet & lostlittlekid

All grand prize winners will take home a voucher worth 50 EUR for the Lomography Online Shop each, while all runners-up will receive 15 Piggy Points. Swing by the Competition section for a chance to win exciting prizes.

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  1. sirio174
    sirio174 ·

    many many thanks again! :)

  2. metaluna
    metaluna ·

    Thanks for 2 runner up awards

  3. vflorian2000
    vflorian2000 ·

    Thanks for the grand prize, this is my favorite shot of all time.

  4. ilovefrenchfries
    ilovefrenchfries ·

    Thanks and congratulations to everybody!

  5. sobetion
    sobetion ·

    Wow wow wow! Thank you :)

  6. icequeenubia
  7. alewino
    alewino ·

    Thank you so much! I'm so happy!!<3

  8. david_c
    david_c ·

    Pretty pleased to be included in those amazing photos.
    Thanks loads, and congratulations to the other awesome folks.

  9. lomografin
    lomografin ·


  10. liaye
    liaye ·

    many thanks! = ) glad to be among all the lovely captures!! congrats to all of you! <3

  11. zulupt
    zulupt ·

    @icequeenubia Thanks :) This is great! Congrat to all. Amazing shots :)

  12. dupdupdee
    dupdupdee ·

    @icequeenubia Thanks and all great shots here

  13. leanlui
    leanlui ·

    @icequeenubia wow thanks!!

  14. icequeenubia
    icequeenubia ·

    To all the grand prize winners: I'll be sending the vouchers to your LomoHome within the week. :) Sorry for the delay! Congrats again.

  15. fragostille
    fragostille ·

    thanx so much! ♥♥

  16. frenchyfyl
    frenchyfyl ·


  17. oriolphotography
    oriolphotography ·

    Wow, what a surprise, thanks a lot and congratulations to all winners!

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